Qobuz desktop app - did the UPnP feature disappear?

Have not used it for a while, but have decided to download purchased content to an external drive (again).

Am I confused or did it used to have some kind of beta UPnP service, can’t see that anymore? It seems to download in FLAC now (no format selection still which is a shame), maybe it always did.

I have used the Qobuz desktop app for windows to download purchases, although not for a month or so. But I recall that it’s quite difficult to find the place where you can define the download format, but it is there if you persist. Last time I used it I wanted to download in both Flac and then Wav and it did prove possible to do that. Highly irritating though.

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All format options are there, just as they always have been.


It is till there. Bottom of the app, in the audio output section.

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That’s on the web though isn’t it?

Still nice to get all format options there but I ‘ve never found a firmat iption in the desktop app which is very fast and slick otherwise.

The reason I’ve not used it for a while is that it deleted all my downloads once in a much earlier version. It shoul only delete cached non-purchased music if you sign out but it did more than that - hopefully a bug that’s fixed.

Odd, I’m not seeing it at all.

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