Qobuz discount

Renewal coming up in June £130 uk. Are there any discounts available?

Not aware of any to be honest.

I think your only options would be to use a different email/sign-in to get a short trial but in all honesty you won’t save much and is it worth the hassle to lose any favourites/playlists or purchases which won’t appear in a new account?

Most of us are looking to cut back due to ‘cost of living’ rises, but the chances of a significant saving from a £130 Qobuz sub are low.

I was spending about £75/month on two longstanding mobile broadband contracts with EE, they were pushing the plans up by over 13% so I cancelled as usage was generally low with occasional peaks. Picked up a couple of cheap EE SIMs preloaded with 4GB data monthly until December for around £18 ex VAT for the whole period - 8 months coverage for maybe 70% of a single month staying with EE on contract!

Qobuz is good value these days even if there are free/cheaper options available.

I’d have spent well over £10/month on cassette/vinyl in the 80s so to have unlimited content for marginally more 40 years on is a bargain.

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The trick is to look out for the Qobuz gift options. I believe this was mentioned on here. I cancelled my sub and sent myself a gift voucher for twelve months. Saved £30 pa in an instant. All legitimate. Not sure if they’re currently on offer but if they are then it’s well worth doing.

I was a tad anxious about losing my current favourites but provided you use the same email address then there’s no issue.

I’m always staggered by various people who have expensive HiFi systems yet baulk at at a tenner a month for a huuuuuge selection of available music where the artists’ don’t exactly get paid a lot.

A discount on 30ish pence per day ? :roll_eyes:


There is a world in which a decent hi-fi is a luxury. A financial treat. Not dissimilar to those who, with no particular need, treat themselves to an unnecessarily expensive car or a house slightly larger than they might currently be able to afford.

The assumption that being able to purchase something relatively expensive at a given moment in time means all else must be affordable is at best a tad other worldly.

I purchased my first flat at a point it was, looking back, incredibly cheap, but at the absolute top end of affordability for me. The fact I paid the mortgage didn’t make it affordable. For a year the now Mrs. H. commuted an eighty mile daily round trip to the College of Law in Chester and I shopped for three by cycling; limiting our weekly shop to thirty pounds per week for three of us and bringing it home largely crushed in a large rucksack.

My Naim system arrived at a unique moment when Mrs. H. income took us into a new level of the stratosphere. It could not have happened at any other moment before or since. Subsequently, until I moved to streaming, I could rarely afford more than four CDs per month and less if I wanted to do anything else.

There is also currently a cost of living crisis. It’ll be nice for those whom the only impact is their horror at the extra cost of their Waitrose shop but for many in this expensive hobby it means that they need to pay attention to all they spend. Let’s not ridicule them eh.

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I’ve stopped paying monthly via iTunes and paid for a year in advance. Saved $30 and don’t have to worry about it for a year.

For Qobuz or Apple Music?

Amazon Prime is generally cheaper annually too. (Well, many things are I suppose).

Qobuz, Apple and Prime aren’t hi res (I think).

Qobuz is HiRes. Amazon Prime is not, but Amazon Music Unlimited is Ultra HD. Don’t know about Apple


I’m happy with my Qobuz studio masters which is up to 192/24 flac. I’d consider jumping to Apple if they made their hi res more east to access from my NDX2.

Sorry, confused you there.

I meant the whole Prime service is cheaper annually than monthly, as are many subscriptions not necessarily music.

Prime Music is now rubbish, previously the library was much smaller but you could at least play an album completely if it was in the library. Since an update last year they’ve enlarged the library but you can’t play an album through - the system decides to play ‘similar things’ you might like and keeps suggesting you pay for the full blown music service. Amazon used to offer a ‘hi-res’ music package but as with Apple it’s a PITA to get hi-res audio to your streamer.

I’ve got Apple Music for the family, but there doesn’t seem to be a cheaper annual subscription option which is a shame as it had a price hike recently. I occasionally use it, daughter does all the time which is why I keep it. No one else seems to use it. No easy way to play Apple Music in lossless better than CD quality despite it supporting it.

Have been tempted to get one of the ‘all in one’ packages but can’t really justify that as I doubt I’d use several of the other services.

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