Qobuz downloader - suddenly new

Am I mad… I just ordered sublime for one reason. To have downloads available in both hires and standard format. This is not possible anymore. The option totally changed in the download page. I can download files as standard quality - but only Flac with weird names… and manually. Or use the downloader - but here only hires in wav format - no way to change to standard format. I asked them before if this is possible and now they changed it a few days later. Or am I to silly to find it in the downloader…

it does seemed to have changed for the worst. that’s disappointing.

I have wrote to them - fort that reason I ordered sublime. This is really bad… Hopefully only a bug. I a bit angry

I also noticed this today, I’d previously downloaded Apple Lossless files, being a Mac user.

Today I purchased Born To Laugh At Tornadoes by Was Not Was and I got 10 FLAC files.

I had to re-download a file the other day and it seemed different. I’m using the Mac app and historically d/l the FLAC hi res file.

they changed to the very worst - I opened a chat

I downloaded the files via app - and they are nor 24 Bit/96… they are 16/48 … ??? All going a bit messy. Hope they will fix it

when in the app I right click on the purchased album to get the d/l feature. this particular menu said “…up to 96K” but the album was a 24/44 so it was a bit confusing. I hadn’t noticed this in the past. I hope they didn’t screw it up it was working fine.

The phone app seems different now too and I can’t see my imported playlist like I used to but it still plays. weird.

16Bit/48 … is this a common format. I thought CD is 16/44 … hopefully they do not doctor with the files
One download is even 16/88 …

I feel your pain. I’ve just downloaded an album from Qobuz. The Mac downloader didn’t work for me, so I resorted to downloading track by track, which means setting up a folder for the whole album. Previously I downloaded using a TAR file, which was very easy. This new way is more of a pain.

The album I bought was 24 bit 48k, and that’s what I got. CD Res is 16/44.1.

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Same here… the nice support promised to do everything to fix it. This is not the way it was meant to be.
There must be both options in the Downloader - file format and quality. And at the end the correct quality must be on your harddrive! Keep posted here on the topic

Track by track is flac only - same on your side @HungryHalibut ?

Just had a look at a previous album, the choices are now flac or mp3:-

Has anyone an idea if 16/48 is a bit strange - cd is 16/44.1 I always thougt
Looks like downgraded 24/96…?

For me really bad update as I like standard cd more and with sublime the standard files are also cheaper

Using the MacbookPro app I right click on the album in the my purchases menu and select the download/Hi-Res…option. It downloads the full album and artwork to the folder path I’ve selected in the settings menu.

I tried that, it downloaded and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I must check the settings menu when I get a moment. If I can find it of course.

it’s in the top right user menu.

then under the music download menu.

I had to re-select the path b/c the first time didn’t work but it seems to be working now. I empty the download folder on my Mac since it all goes on the QNAP anyway so maybe that caused some issues. Not sure.

This works with flac only!
Can not download wav this way

Support wrote, that the new loader app is meant to have the same functions as the web based download before - this is far from being so

Same here today… Mac download app doesn’t open from the website purchases page anymore (though I can still open it from my applications folder)… but any CD or Hi-Res downloads are available as FLAC only… no options (AIFF, etc.) anymore.
I’ve converted today’s downloads to my preferred format with dBpoweramp… but the whole process is much messier than before.

I downloaded an album several days ago, and the only lossless option was WMA. Based on the compression rate, it was clearly WMA lossless, but still.