Qobuz - easy setup on QNAP for NDX

Hi, apologies as appreciate versions of this have been covered on various threads. I’d like to find an easy way to run Qobuz through my NDX, using a QNAP TS-112P NAS. All the searches I’ve done throw up massively complicated strings of code, containers etc. I’d just like to know is there a simple step by step that I can follow, that doesn’t require lots of coding knowledge! If the answer is no, that will also be helpful! Thanks.

Mconnect HD for an iPad works very well and is low cost.

You can load Bubble upnp on the Qnap. Follow the instructions about making it visible as an open home thingy - my memory is a little hazy here - and put the Linn Kazoo app on your phone to control it. Total cost, nil.

Thanks both for your quick replies. I’ll try both of those - couldn’t find BubbleUpnp on the Qnap app store but will Google if there are other ways of installing it. Appreciate the steer!

When you do, let us know what you think.

It isnt in the QNAP store, download direct from bubblesoft website.

Google BubbleUPnP Server. You’ll find instructions for installation on several platforms including QNAP. These may depend on which version of QTS you’re running and you may need to install Java 8, but the details are clearly explained on the website.


You can do it using BubbleUPnP App without using BubbleUPnP Server.
It is only available on Andoid and should stream direct to the NDX.

Scroll down to the QNAP NAS section and dl the one for your QNAP.

Thanks again to everyone for the super-helpful answers. Got it working through BubbleUpnp and pretty straightforward to sort. However, what I was surprised by was the noticeable dip in sound quality, even with Qobuz streaming at 24bits. Sounded synthetic and with much less spacial clarity, compared to the Tidal stream direct from the NDX. Anyone else experience the same?

The latter

I’m using bubble app on my QNAP to stream Qobuz and it sounds significantly better than when I was streaming Tidal via the same. Make sure you have the bubble app settings set to stream higher resolution if you haven’t.

I’m referring to the bubble soft application installed on the QNAP. And he should be using the Linn App (Kazoo) for Qobuz/Tidal lossless streaming. If he has it set up correctly it should sound sublime.

Thanks all, will try that. Clearly thought having it on phone would be enough!

Hi everyone, big thanks again for the steer on all this, and I managed to get it working. However, even with Qobuz set to 24/192 I still think I prefer the native NDX Tidal stream! I’ll continue to compare the two as I kind of expected the 24bit stream to trump Tidal. Btw, playing this all through my new Special 40s, which are AWESOME!!

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