Qobuz favourites ordering

My neighbour has bought a Nova and is testing Qobuz. He’s saving some favourites, and wants to put them in alphabetical order so that things are easy to find. Is it possible? I couldn’t work out how to do it.

You can’t do it in the Naim app. You can toggle between different views, one of which is alphabetical, in the Qobuz app, but then you would have to use AirPlay or Chromecast to play anything.

I thought there was A-Z ordering of Qobuz favourites? Annoyingly, the alphabetical option resets when you leave the app, but was easy to reset from the little icons in the top right of the screen above the thumbnails of the saved albums.
Not at home, so I can’t print a screenshot but it is a useful feature if you have a lot of favourites.

Thanks. It would be great if you could do a screenshot when you get a chance. I looked and looked but couldn’t see it.

Aaah yes, I remember now. First you need to check that ‘Include Qobuz favourites on home screen’ is enabled in Input settings. Then you need Favourites enabled, also in Input settings.

The lists that you see in the favourites input can then be viewed alphabetically by artist or title, or by date added.

If you view the same stuff in the Qobuz input or on the app home screen these view options are not available.

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Thanks so much Chris. I’ll pass it on.

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