Qobuz in France?

Anyone using Qobuz in France but the UK English version? I can’t get qobuz on the PC to stop seeking out the French site.
Automatically changes to French.

I using the french site via chrome and just turn on the translate

I am not in France, but in Germany. Entering www.qobuz.co.uk instead of www.qobuz.com routed me directly to the UK site of qobuz, which is actually www.qobuz.com/gb-en/discover
Hope, this helps…

Same country(s) also, your link works fine, cheers

I wish companies will stop doing this.

Living in the Netherlands and watching Netflix and sometimes they only load the Dutch subtitles, which means you also don’t get the foreign language subtitles in English. I am quite fluent in Dutch but prefer the original language.

It is almost as if global migration does not exist for them.

Thanks. I can do this but as soon as I sign in to my account it auto reroutes me to the French site. I’m on Chrome. I’ll try another browser to see if it does the same later.

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You could try using a VPN on your computer.

This one is a very good one https://www.expressvpn.com/

And comes with a free trial.

If you connect the VPN to another country, say the UK, the Qobuz website will most probably go to the English version.

Yes, I get that. Just wanted to know if anyone has been using the UK version on a native French based browser.
I may have to deregister, try the .UK site and set up a new account. At the moment my qb downloader is in French and it’s a pain.

That may be it, but if they using the IP ranges or geolocation that won’t work either. They could also be using the locale of the computer and browser.

Most geo location sites allow you to use a dropdown for language though. Qb has a dropdown but it doesn’t accept UK as the preferred option. I’ll be back on the pc later so will try a couple of things.

That is what I mean. It is dependent on the website how they source the location. Either it is something you can set and you will be able to fix that. Or they determine it from where your browser is telling the code you are and that you can fix with a VPN (or changing your computer locale but that can have consequences for other things)

Right, sorted. But

First the language thing. Downloaded the qobuz interface on the pc, in French. That has allowed me to go in to my prfile and set my language to English. As long as I use the pc interface and not the web, I can use qobuz in english.

But, see other qobuz thread.

I know its a big complex topic, but drives me crazy too. We WANT TO BUY THIS STUFF, legit, subscribe have an account etc. It makes you wonder if they want you to go “elsewhere”.

Make it easy. Rant over


Side topic, living Germany often you get “not available in your region” messages for HD download sites, many people here get colleagues in other countries to open accounts on their behalf to get round it.

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Off topic but where I live there is no single fully legal way to get access to HBO. It is exclusive to one provider here and I cannot get that provider where I live.

This is another thing a VPN can help with.

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Yep, agreed, some guys tell me you need say, a USA bank payment or card as well to prove the location, I know guys who move to Germany and kept their country bank going for this reason and top it up occasionally eg USA Greece Japan UK France

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Yeah, haha, THAT a VPN will not help you with.

As this is all strictly allowed I guess one can share. For any site that allows registration via iOS app and accepts purchases from iTunes one can create an iTunes account in the country and load vouchers purchased online and use that as payment option.

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We just wanna buy the media! Thats all

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Yeah I used to be utterly confused that it seemed that they did not want my money. Then I realised the problem is not that. They want my money, but the money is not going into and through the right pockets and that is the whole reason for this.

I mean why should I have the right to buy what people in other geographic locations can buy if that means that the local distributor cannot buy another Veyron this year? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You may have to go to your browser settings and delete all Qobuz cookies. They might get confused regarding the language you want. E.g., I once went to Ebay Netherlands. Afterwards when I went to my usual German Ebay it always showed me the items’ info about shipping to Netherlands