Qobuz integration on Nova proving its worth

A few weeks ago I purchased a Naim Uniti Nova with Spendor A7 speakers. I’m fining it an amazing combination and I’m enjoying it very much.

I only started trying out Qobuz seriously a week or so after I got the Nova but I am very pleasantly surprised. The quality is excellent as everyone has been saying but the choice is a lot wider than I had anticipated based on some comments. My choice of music includes Jazz, Blues, Rock, Indian Classical, Western Classical some old Bollywood and contemporary African music. While Qobuz doesn’t have quite everything I’ve searched for I’m pleasantly surprised by what it does have. Listening to it over the new setup is a real treat.

I do find that the Qobuz native app is better for this than using it through the Naim app. SHould I need to move out to the kitchen for a length of time it also allows me to switch to the Naim QB (1st Gen) in the kitchen more reliably than from the Naim app. If my wife doesn’t like something I’m playing it will also easily allow me to switch to wireless headphones. [A headphone experience is not Mu preferred way to listen, but sometimes one must :slight_smile: ]


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