Qobuz issues in Naim app


I bought the Naim Muso QB Second Generation to finally be able to sream Qobuz hifi via the Naim App. The issue is that there is no playback whatsoever.

  • Via Qobuz app plays fine (but not HiFI)
  • Qobuz via Naim App is frozen (navigates but does not play music)

Can anyone please help me out?

I have tried changing the passwork, clicking forgetting password, loging back off and in but no luck so far.

Thank you, really appreciate it

In the qobuz app, go to “my qobuz”, click the cog top right, select streaming, and select the max resolution you want for mobile and/or WiFi.

The other issue seems like a login issue with the Naim app, does it show you are logged in correctly? Is there a logout option displayed? Again, choose the max resolution you need.

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