Qobuz malware?

i am getting a message saying streaming-qobuz-sec.akamazed.net is being blocked due to malware - is anyone else getting this problem?

How does this manifest itself?

i would contact Qobuz and your malware provider and ask them both for advice,


i should have mentioned this is the qobuz app on my laptop (windows) my anti-vius software malwarebytes puts up a message and stops qobuz playing music i just retryed and it is now ok

I suggest a more reliable anti-malware software provider, assuming your laptop has not already been infected by something else.


Malware software providers are usually very very reliable and effective. Tiny pieces of well developed code. Anti malware software is a different matter though.


To some extent… luckily their medium reliability can be their downfall. Yes there are kits on the dark web where you can customise the malware package. The weakness however tends to be associated with users, hence why education is so important.