Qobuz malware?

i am getting a message saying streaming-qobuz-sec.akamazed.net is being blocked due to malware - is anyone else getting this problem?

How does this manifest itself?

i would contact Qobuz and your malware provider and ask them both for advice,


i should have mentioned this is the qobuz app on my laptop (windows) my anti-vius software malwarebytes puts up a message and stops qobuz playing music i just retryed and it is now ok

I suggest a more reliable anti-malware software provider, assuming your laptop has not already been infected by something else.


Malware software providers are usually very very reliable and effective. Tiny pieces of well developed code. Anti malware software is a different matter though.


To some extent… luckily their medium reliability can be their downfall. Yes there are kits on the dark web where you can customise the malware package. The weakness however tends to be associated with users, hence why education is so important.


Maybe try an Apple Laptop? They seem pretty immune to viruses and malware. FWIW I don’t think streaming from any computer is sonically the the best way to go.

FWIW that is a myth, Apple devices with their users are these days are just as prone as current MS Windows which have many protections and controls compared to older versions. … I would suggest Apple devices and their users may be more vulnerable as some of their users think that they are somehow safer by using Apple products and that can be taken advantage of.

The number one vulnerability is user behaviour, it makes no difference what OS you use, but it is also important to keep your OS up to date with the manufacturers vulnerability patches.

The Government NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) website has good online hygiene advice for citizens and businesses alike https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/

You can also look up the CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) for both MS and Apple, and you can see both have significantly improved in more recent years, but CVEs exist in both OS at roughly similar levels.

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Something to remember is that Windows has a global market share of around 72% vs 20% for Mac. Clearly the main opportunity for the criminals is targeting Windows users.

These days the modules exist for both, you can buy the kits and payloads through nefarious means and make your attack.
I would also look at the stats on customer base. I suggest Microsoft is dominant in corporate/business space where there are stronger hygiene protections and SOAR systems typically.
In domestic, consumer uses where such protection and controls are less and it it down to basic endpoint protection and critically user behaviour, the adoption is possibly more equal in some markets… and Apple has a weakness with some of its older users who think Apple products are somehow immune.

But it’s worth remember many attacks such as phishing don’t require vulnerabilities in software, they take advantage of vulnerabilities in user behaviour.

Anyway I’ll leave it that… we don’t want to go down a rabbit hole.

thanks opus - i don’t stream from the laptop to main system - i use qubuz app on the laptop mainly to create and maintain playlists and and quickly try out recommendations on laptop speakers when away from main system

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