Qobuz metadata JSON issue with BubbleUPnP

Noticed an issue with BubbleUPnP the other day, some titles in Qobuz are not playing. Turns out to be an issue in the JSON metadata Qobuz are sending. Bubblesoft have let Qobuz know and will wait to see if Qobuz resolve it, or fix it themselves if Qobuz take a while to.

I post here just in case anyone else has seen the issue with BubbleUPnP, and in case any other software is affected. Not seen any other complaints, so maybe it is something specific with how BubbleUPnP handles the JSON.

cc @Stevesky - sorry to ping you direct, thought you might be interested/noticed anything with the Qobuz metadata recently.

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I haven’t had any issues with Bubble and Qobuz up until today and last night bubble server was updated to a new version. Probably not coincidental.

I’ve reported this to bubblesoft dev, let’s see what they have to say.

Heh, me too, I paraphrased above, but was quoting a reply from them

…hm, unless you have a more direct line to their development team?

I couldn’t work out if you could produce it? I still see the issue but it doesn’t sound like you do?

Correction, it does look resolved now!

Yes, working here as well now so possibly a Qobuz glitch.
I dont have any special hotline to the bubble devs, I just use the ‘email tech support’ option in the app.

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Just received a reply from bubblesoft saying it was a Qobuz server side issue that is now fixed


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