Qobuz ND5XS2 Issue

Up until about 4 weeks ago Qobuz was playing perfectly and natively via the Naim app. Since then nothing. All data remains, albums, catalog and then I hit the play button… nada.
Have reset the router, reset the streamer, deleted the Qobuz app, logged in/ out of QB and naim app, cleared cache, rebuilt database, built a small wall and climbed Everest.
Any ideas folks?

When you say “reset the streamer”, what exactly did you do?

The reason why I ask is that I would try a power right off - wait - power on again restart of your ND5 XS2.

Does anything else work on your ND5 XS2? For example iradio?

May be worth going to the Qobuz site direct on your computer and change your password.

Log out then, after all the other suggestions, log in via the Naim App again.

Have tried that… still nothing

Hi David. I put into standby, unplugged and disconnected the lan before plugging lan back in and powering back up.
Everything else is working… radioparadise, naim radio, controls to usb - all working via naim app except QB

So the title of the thread says ND5 XS2 but you are now mentioning a Qb?

Qobuz won’t work with a Qb…

QB = qobuz! (Which does work with Qb gen2)
I’d try as Neil suggests; qobuz website, update password, make sure you can login/logout ok. Then put the new credentials in to the Naim app and try again.

I’m going for a full factory reset and everything else that goes with it… will keep you posted

Ah! Never seen anyone call it QB before. And yes Qobuz does work with Qb Gen 2, but he didn’t say QB2.

We’re back online gents… reset/ update and that sweet sound of hires bellowing out the focals! Thanks for the support/ assistance all!!

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