Qobuz - New User, bit of a mess!

As per the title, all was going well until I decided to treat myself and buy The Doors - Complete Studio Albums. What is wrong with this? I have a folder “The Doors” a subfolder “The Complete Studio Albums” and inside that I have Cover.jpg and eight subfolders labelled 1 to 8. The actual files within show album name and track title and all in FLAC format (which I specified). However, copying them across to the NAS where my NServe looks they are all over the place which is not unusual but I can sort them out. Also copied the folder to my Roon hard disk and only three albums show up under recently added, the others can be found if I search for the Doors. However the labelling is way out of whack, for example Roon recognises The Doors first Album but not as part of the Complete Studio Albums set. Other Albums are recognised but not by name just as Disc 5 or disc 8.

I’ve looked at the individual files in XLD and they seemed to be labelled consistently but what might I be missing and is this the usual sort of quality I can expect from the Qobuz download store.


For these albums, you can tell roon to ignore its own metadata and use what’s in the files. By default roon ignores file metadata. I think you have to do this on a pc/mac, not on a phone or iPad.
Do the missing ones show up in roon unrecognised?
I spent ages when I first started using roon, trying to fix up the roon data and ultimately went with the blanket “use my data” setting.

It may be your server not Qobuz that is mis-reading the metadata.

Suggest you use a PC and dBpoweramp tag editor or Mp3tag to check the metadata for each
album and track. You can also change it if you need to.

Roon often doesn’t do what people expect with box sets, not helped by everyone having a different take on what is correct, as well as often flaky metadata from the online sources used.

But - if you were to post on the Roon forum, there are a couple of members that seem to actually understand the nuances and may be able to help. I follow such discussions with interest but - with no box sets in my library - am not the best person to give advice!

What settings in roon do you have for using / ignoring metadata?

Qobuz filenaming and metadata have been a bit hit and miss over the years, but if things look consistent in XLD it might be something else.

Were they downloaded with the downlader app?

An ‘8 CD’ download would be a pain in the neck manually on the website now, but handled fairly elegantly by the old TAR file download which a Mac would have easily opened (assume you have one if using XLD).

I think they’re still ironing out their download software which has been simplified too much.

Snag the artwork from the web download pages, it’s likely to be far better resolution if that matters of course.

You say they are all over the place, which is not unusual. That’s probably the root of your problem. It’s important to have everything neat and tidy. Check the metadata with dBpoweramp or whatever before putting them in the NAS. A simple structure of artist folders with albums beneath works best. I would have copied each album separately, directly under The Doors, and not had them under a Complete folder. I’d rename every album to remove any reference to complete. I’d make every album 1/1 instead of 1/8, 2/8 etc. Keep it simple and it is far less likely to go wrong.

Whilst the comments regarding metadata are correct the issue seems to be that Roon hasn’t matched the album correctly. This sometimes happenes, especially if the metadata isn’t correct and the albums are are a colletion of individual albums that have been placed into a set.

If the album is matched properly then Roon will display this album correctly as can be seen below as I searched for the album and it’s found it perfectly in Roon using QoBuz as the provider.

You can fix the metadata using the methods described above. You need to decide whether to present he albums individually or keep them as part of the ‘boxed’ set. If you do the latter then you need to number the albums correctly (1/8, 2/8 etc) so you can see the separate disks correctly in Roon.

If it were me I would use the identify facility in Roon against the individual albums placing them into the boxed set and not worry too much about the metadata.

Thank you for the information. I see now that Roon doesn’t like box sets very much, but I have managed to sort it out with a merge of all the discs and a bit of track editing to tell Roon to use the box set metadata.

I’ve just got to fix the listing on my Unitiserve SSD, as it has listed all of the tracks and not by album, not sure yet what it’s listing them by as it’s certainly not title.


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