Qobuz not connecting

Qobuz does not seem to be connecting via the Naim App or via Chromecast on my Muso Qb2. On all other devices I.e. iPad, iPhone, Auralic Streamer it works fine. For some reason it is not accepting my login details via the Naim App even though it has worked seamlessly since I bought the Qb2 when it first came out. Have tried resetting my password but to no avail - comes up with login error only while using the Naim App!

Could you be logged in on too many devices and using Qobuz concurrently on them by any chance?

Have you reset your password direct on the Qobuz website?

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Thanks Alley - i switched off for about an hour - reset my password again and it’s working!

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Yes Neil I did. I switched off for about an hour - reset my password for a 3rd time and now it’s working! Thanks for info.



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