Qobuz off line playing stops on Android mobile

Does anyone have any experience of downloaded music stopping playing on Qobuz app or other music player apps on Android.
I am finding this occurs on both Qobuz and the audio app from Synology. My pet theory is that the apps try to connect up to ‘Google Play’ ( I am thinking to verify subscription/music still licensed?) but I may be totally wrong and I have nothing really to back this up but I noticed today that the music stopped playing a track that it has previously played fine.
Vexing rather than disastrous obviously but grateful if anyone has any ideas?

hi boris
i had a similar problem on a couple of Qobuz albums i imported a month or so ago for offline playing (also on android). Trying to play some tracks gave an error message “no internet connection available” which obviously defeated the purpose of importing. other tracks on those albums were fine and albums i have imported more recently have been fine. i just tried deleting the import and re-importing one of the problem albums and it is fine now. So i guess there was a problem a while back that didn’t download permissions on some tracks or a software change that expected a different format. I understand that Qobuz software changes are sometimes badly implemented and not communicated to 3rd parties. suggest you try re-importing affected albums and see if that solves the problem

Thanks. I think what you are saying is part of the story as I have now looked more closely at my (downloaded) playlists and if I begin the import again Qobuz asks me if I want to import remaining tracks so clearly some have not downloaded.
Not the complete answer as it also stops on my Synology Audio downloads also. And I noticed it stopped on one track which it had played previously. I will continue investigating.

Had the same issue a few weeks and months ago. It’s a right PITA. Especially when you have already downloaded albums, then can’t listen to them.
I assumed that each time you play downloaded tracks Qobuz still checks to see if your subscription is current.
I had issues redownloading albums via a good Internet connection.
And don’t bother trying to contact qobuz customer service. Not sure it exists.
Never ever have any issues with Spotify. As soon as they go hi res, it’s goodbye qobuz.

Hi yes my suspicion is that the app is asking Google play if there is subscription in place. I did wonder if the responsibility for this might lie with Google Play rather than Qobuz. Obviously this action renders downloading somewhat useless - I have asked Qobuz support about this on two occasions and the best they came up with 'wait for the next update due in ‘x’ or ‘y’. If I had a penny for each time this is given as a ‘solution’ I would be a rich man.
I really like Qobuz and would be keen to stick with them.
I am not yet sure that playing downloaded music with my mobile network on will mean that the music is streamed online or still treated as downloaded and only connects when it needs to. I suspect it is the first and it works online.

Qobuz support is pretty useless.

Yes it is not great but with a few honourable exceptions probably not too far off the average. They have replied to me in French a few times :slight_smile:

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