Qobuz on NDX 2 Naim app

I enjoy Tidal using the Naim app, is there any way of getting Qobuz on the app?

I believe you have to use Chromecast. Apparently gapless doesn’t work though.

No too fussy about gapless. Ignorant question, how do you use chrome cast and what affect does it have on SQ?

Qobuz works brilliantly with Roon (as does TIDAL). That’s how I stream it to my NDX2. Not to mention, that all integrates with my file library into one single unified digital music library. Roon helped sell me on upgrading my old ND5-XS to the NDX2.

In fact, in the month since I’ve gotten my NDX2 I have only used it as a Roon endpoint.


I only use Tidal because it is part of the naim app. I would like to have Qobuz among the naim apps …


Don’t hold your breath! :blush:

Thanks Josquin/Guinnless/Andrea, So not possible to access unless via Roon or similar and hardly likely to be added by Naim.

That’s right, Naim are not keen on adding native support for more streaming services. Roon would be the best option for Qobuz, at a price, or BubbleUPnP server, which is free, but again, needs a third party app for most control functions.

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If your on Android then Chromecast is built and works from Qobuz own app. You need to chose the cast option from the playback area and just point it at your streamer. If your Apple then you need to install Google home and add the you should be able to do the same as above.

Sq is fine but limited to 96/24

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I also stream via Qobuz app to my NDX2 but on my iPhone 7. There’s usually only a short delay connecting then it all works fine. Very good SQ with hi-res limited to 96/24.

I’m on my Qobuz free trial but don’t think I’ll be switching from Tidal Hi-Fi when it ends.

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Likewise I use either the MacOS Qobuz app or the equivalent app for iOS from iPhone or iPad. This works using Chromecast which is just the control part of the playback, the stream itself comes from Qobuz servers via your Internet connection directly to your streamer, the stream never goes to/through your phone or computer.
The main benefit of Chromecast over say Airplay is it is not limited to 16/44.1 playback.
As others have highlighted, gapless playback is not supported and if it’s a must have then Roon is probably your best current solution.
The only other limitation is volume control (of a Naim Preamp) which you can only do using the Naim app or the NARCOM RCU.

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Thank you very much @Guinnless/@bongoman/@CrystalGipsy/@Mr.M, with your excellent descriptions I have now got google home on my phone and iPad, managed to get Qobuz working through it and can listen via the NDX2.

Seeing as how I am using the iPad anyhow, it is not much of a pain to nip into the Naim app for volume control. In fact I use an IR repeater because all of the electronics are in a different room to the speakers, which means volume is easily controlled via the remote control.

One thing that I do not understand is that when I select chrome cast on the NDX 2 it shows options to open tidal and qobuz plus the opportunity to download others. When I select them they just open the apps on my iPad which can only be heard on the iPad speakers.

What am I missing with this? Are they something to do with being Roon ready? Probably daft questions but I need to ask them!

This is intended behaviour, it opens the (Qobuz, Tidal, or whatever) app you have selected, and you choose the Chromecast output from there. Sometimes you can’t see the Chromecast button until you have selected play, which is shoddy implementation, but out of Naim’s hands. Your Naim streamer should appear as an option along with any other Chromecast or AirPlay devices found.

Thanks @ChrisSU, that works a treat on qobuz with the chrome cast button in the top right hand corner but I cannot see a chrome cast button on tidal even after playing a track.

It’s the funny little icon in the bottom L corner of the screen:

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Great, that works now :+1: thanks again.

FYI - if you tap the Chromecast tab in the Qobuz app while streaming, you can adjust the volume without having to jump over to the Naim app.

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Brilliant! Thank you @MartyK.

@MartyK I think this will also depend on if you have system automation enabled or not, by default the analogue output from the streamer is line level but can also be set to be a variable level output as a result of these sort of use cases, I’d expect system automation to override the 3rd party app volume control, I just tried it and nearly woke half the street up, ooops…

I made that same mistake (once) with ‘fixed volume’ for an analogue source on my Nova. I thought l destroyed my new speakers and Nova. It definitely got the blood flowing. I now check all of my input settings after an app reset etc.