Qobuz payment issues

Has anyone else had problems paying Qobuz in the last few days? I’m newly registered but completely unable to pay them. I’ve tried 3 different credit cards, 3 different browsers, and 2 different computers. I’ve also filed an error report with them and received only an automated response; tried to call them and got a “leave a message” message.

Which browser are you using? I couldn’t make any progress with Safari yesterday, but then I switched to Chrome and everything sailed through.

Tried Chrome (my goto), Firefox, and Edge. Nothing worked.

Wait, I am sending you my bank account number :grin:
More seriously I use PayPal with Qobuz, and it works.

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Thanks, frenchrooster. PayPal worked. Best wishes!


So do I actually, they seem to use some kind of API that allows them to take recuring annual fees - suspect it’s no issue really but don;t recall being asked to sign up for recurring payments all those years ago when I first used them.

I generally use more often Bandcamp. Prefer their philosophy. The downloading is more friendly and prices are cheaper too.
As for Qobuz, I prefer to not let my bank card numbers on the site, so I use PayPal, as I don’t have to write again all the numbers.

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