Qobuz payment problem, registration problem

My country is not on the list for Qobuz but… I have made a registration on a UK pc and have Qobus UK. That’s fine but after that the problems…

  1. I can’t pay - I have no idea why it says “Error: The payment has failed”. I try PayPal, Visa it is the same?!?!?
  2. I’ve decided to connect to VPN and create a new registration - now the second problem - " Whoops…
    Proxies and VPNs not allowed". Great I am not allowed to create a new registration. Soooo
    Can someone tell me - what the F… should I do. or just leave the country?!

Use NordVpn. However, I expect the issues with the payment will be the same if you use the same paypal or visa. Probably, you should better try find a new way of payment.

In this case how can I skip the payment problem?! The visa is Revolut - the idea is that they are located somewhere.

You need to use a method of payment which is registered to an address in a country in which Qobuz operates. If you can’t do that unfortunately you are not eligible to use it.

NordVPN works for sure.