Qobuz playlist portability

I will be auditioning speakers at dealers and have created a playlist on Qobuz for this purpose.
How do I access it/play it at the dealer who has Qobuz and a Naim system. Do I have to sign into my Qobuz account or can I transfer my playlist to their Qobuz account.

When I did this a couple of weeks ago, Tony recreated my playlist long hand into their Qobuz and on the home demo we logged Qobuz in on the Naim app as me.
I don’t know if you can port playlists, but I would have thought you could using the share feature and copying the link into WhatsApp or maybe an email🤷🏻‍♂️
As a follow up, you can make playlists ‘Non Private’ allowing sharing that route.
I know it must be possible, because lists have been shared via the forum. I just haven’t done it, but I’m sure @MrUnderhill, who created the “Hauntingly Beautiful Songs” playlist and shared it on here can advise😊


You can easily share a playlist with your dealer. Hit the Share option against the playlist in the Qobuz app and you have options to send it to anyone via email, WhatsApp etc.
Alternatively take your login details with you and log into Qobuz on the dealers streamer, then you can access your whole Qobuz account, favourites, playlists etc.


Hi it depends on their setup. I used the dealer’s WiFi, Naim app on my phone, logged in to my qobuz account. And my Naim app could see their ndx2. That’s probably the simplest option.

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Just open the qobuz app on your phone then cast to the naim streamer, simples

That’s easy, but you’ll be using Airplay, Chromecast or Bluetooth, all of which compromise sound quality to varying degrees. Not a compromise I would want to make when listening critically while assessing new gear.

Oh, i thought casting was in native format? Certainly my DAC shows the sames resolution as qobuz i.e. 24 bit 44.1khz if that’s whats playing. Where is the loss of quality?

Also just tried back to back with accessing qobuz through the Naim app. No difference to my cloth ears!

See this post from Steve Harris regarding the pros and cons of casting Qobuz from its own app vs the Naim app. I’m guessing you are using Chromecast rather than Airplay if you’re getting a 24 bit stream.

Still, if the sound is good for you and you prefer to use the Qobuz app I can see no reason to change.

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I wander if he is refering to the Chromecast dongle? I’ve certainly never had any problems casting to my naim streamer even at 90something khz (sorry can’t remember the exact rate!)

The reason I cast is I find the qobuz app more user friendly than the naim one. I especially like the my weekly Q and some of the articles that link to music.

I know I can make a play list from weekly Q and then pick it up in the naim app…but honestly it’s a bit of a faf!

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