Qobuz price change?

Anyone else had an email from Qobuz re migration of service from Studio to Studio Premier?

Yep, I have just got one too.

My subs drops to euro 19.99 (from 24.99) putting it on a par with Tidal.

About time too!!

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Just checked my emails and it looks like mine has gone up from 14.99 to 19.99.

Still good value for the amount i use Qobuz.

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My email says the price has gone down. It hasn’t. No change still £14.99 per month.

Doesn’t the monthly equivalent depend on monthly or annual; payments?

Mine was £14.99 now gone up to £19.99 despite the headline on the email stating that it had gone down. It looks as though those with studio premium benefit those with premium pay more, but get the studio premium at the new discounted rate.

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Strange. My email says it’s gone down, but the text in the email says it’s gone up. It’s not changed as far as I can see from going to my Qobuz account ? I must look back a bit further but I’m sure I signed up when they introduced the new 14.99 price as I quit Tidal and moved to Qobuz exclusively.

Ah … that makes sense.

The email states the price in euros which is 19.99. As far as i can tell its been £14.99 per month since end of Feb (i remember the price reduction by £5 was around the time of the bristol hifi show).

I’m starting to think the email is not meant for UK subscribers.

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Euro equivalent

I think that you might be correct. I didn’t notice that it was in €.

Interesting to compare pricing schemes in £ and €. Eg. Sublime is almost same price as monthly Studio Premier in euros and considerably more expensive in UK. Not complaining, happy with annual Studio Premier (in £) myself.


I’m still on the original Sublime (not Sublime+) with some kind of ‘grandfathered’ discount which costs just under £160 per annum - CD quality only but I benefit from the hi-res purchase discounts.

No email yet but the hi-res tier beckons increasingly.

I didn’t think their family subscriptions were good value at all when they were introduced a few months ago.

I’d love that problem. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Just received an offer of a saving of £29 per year if I go for an annual subscription. Currently paying £14.99 p.m. so seems like a good deal…especially as my bank account is paying precisely 0% interest!

I have what was called “Studio” in Germany (hi-res, no discounted downloads), started in September with annual billing at 249 EUR. At start of November, got an email saying that at beginning of January I can convert it to the new Studio Premier which costs 179,99 annually. I.e. 69 less. Wondering about your paltry £29 reduction.

Hi, I think we have the same deal from Qobuz (hi res and no discounted downloads - single membership). Unfortunately they dont mention the name of the offer, i.e. “Studio” etc. Currently 12 x GBP14.99 = GBP 179.88 which at todays ex-rate is Euro 198.61 - fairly close to your Euro 179.99 (weak GBP due to Brexit!!!).
The GBP 29 per year discount works out at 16% off - better than leaving the cash in the bank :joy:

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I got the Qobuz email today offering a reduction of my existing Studio premier @ £14.99 a month for £149.99 for the year, saying 2 months free.