Qobuz streaming vs local network streming

As I discover my new ND555, I get the feeling that the sound through direct chromecast streaming of Qobuz is less involving/less PRAT than for instance local streaming from my AK240 used as a server through AK connect. In fact I am not awed by the qobuz sound quality through my nd555…maybe I am not doing something right?
Does this ring any bell with you?

I don’t stream from the internet apart from low resolution like Spotify to sample new music, however given that anything streamed across the internet has that to contend with before reaching one’s own network, I don’t find it surprising that internet streaming may be deficient compared to streaming from one’s own store, even where the latter is across a network.

I suspect the fault might be mostly in Chromecast rather Qobuz. I initially streamed Qobuz using Chromecast built in on my ND5 XS2 and found it problematic, subject to dropouts and other problems. I subsequently added Roon and stream Qobuz via my Roon core (a Small Green Computer somicTransporter i5) and found that dropouts disappeared and sound quality was a dramatic improvement over using Chromecast. Files up to 96/24 are pretty much indistinguishable whether streamed with Qobuz or played locally; well recorded 192/24 files played locally are better than Qobuz, but there aren’t that many of these.


Hi, Yes I’m streaming cd quality or high resolution from Qobuz. So we have the same the same opinion. However, then this is a big disappointment for me as I hoped that I could avoid going the route of buying an extra box as a core…and also not have to “buy” files from Qobuz since I could access all in streaming. If this holds true then I will need to do something about it, just when I thought I was done buying!

I suggest that you wait until Naim release their native Qobuz support, then reassess the sound quality compared to using Chromecast.

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If you have a strong WiFi, you can install Mconnect app on iPad and stream Qobuz. The sound is even a bit better vs Tidal.
However with my 10 Mb WiFi, I had too many drop outs.
I use nds, so with the nd555, it should be even easier.

Chris, thanks! Yes this is a great suggestion somehow I do not have a feeling that this is going to happen soon…what do you think?

Hi, thanks. Yes wifi here is great will try it asap!

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I stream Qobuz through Roon, the sound quality is excellent, I think @ChrisSU makes a good suggestion re waiting for native Qobuz, I don’t think it should be too long in coming.

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Naim have said that they will add Qobuz support, and hopefully it will come in a firmware update reasonably soon, but they will not make an announcement until they are happy that it is ready. You will then need to listen and decide for yourself if the sound quality is up to scratch. There should be the option to use the HiRes service too.
Alternatively, use Roon, which already supports Qobuz, and to my ears, sounds good with all lossless music.

Hi just got mconnect On my iphone and yes sound through nd555 is much sharper and better than qobuz through chromecast built in on nd 555.

Still a bit disappointed by naim and this underwhelming chromecast functionality on such a high end streamer…basically in my view it should not have been included!

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I think Naim felt that they were limited in what they can keep on integrating and Chromecast was a catch all. I would wait for the Naim Qobuz integration, it will happen once they are happy with the sound and way it integrates.

Hi Chris, ok now with 6$ spent on mconnect I finally have decent qobuz streaming sound coming out f my nd555!
Is roon as simple as mconnect…or does it require a computer core as I fear?

And vs Tidal. You have 4 euros for 3 months tidal actually…

You need to run Roon Core on a computer or NAS on your network. I just use a laptop I already owned. It gives you a whole new user interface, which some people love, others not so much. Give it a try on a free trial and see what you think.

Still a shame when you compare with 6$ mconnect…naim should not have settled for such a weak proposition!
Of course the nd555 is the big reason for this exceptional sound I have now, but I should have been left sorting this out myself… thanks for all the great advice, beloved forum!

Ok but here i would like to stick to qobuz…

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One thing on mconnect: the sound is now really good, but does it support hirez? I read “mp3 44.1Hz“ and not sure what that means?

Yes it supports hirez. I have tried it.

Actually on iphone mconnect doesn’t do hirez but on ipad mconnect hd does. I got both now 6$ each which is reasonable given the investment (in the nd) they support.
The difference between the 2 is not as big as moving from nd built in to mconnect. Mconnect to mconnect md will require more attention. This because mconnect is already so good.