Qobuz Sublime subscription

Sublime subscribers, do you pay monthly?

I’m interested in upgrading from Studio and it says £14.99 per month but appears only available as a yearly subscription and wants to bill be £179!?

Yes, it appears to only be offering a yearly subscription now for Sublime. I’m sure (from my vague memory) that it was £18.99 or £19.99 per month, so the annual charge of £179 is still a discount. Maybe they feel people “abused” the purchase discount, e.g. signed up for a month or two, made loads of discounted purchases and then unsubscribed?


I did wonder that :+1:

Sublime has always required an annual payment. It’s obvious why: you could join for a month, download thousands of albums, trouser the discount and then walk away. It’s a bit naughty the way they show monthly pricing when the option doesn’t exist and I think it would be better to say £180 a year.

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It’s a bit like when you buy something from a super market.
Price per 100g is shown, when in most cases it’s not possible to buy a quantity of 100g.
It’s not naughty. It’s adding clarity.

My Qobuz is up for renewal. Last year, on the suggestion of users here, I paid by gift card. They offered gift cards on Black Friday which you can gift yourself. So I did. Hoping they offer similar this year else I’m back on a normal sub.

I wasn’t aware of that Sublime was annual only.

Interesting way of phrasing it, it’s monthly with a 12 month commitment. :grinning:
The U.K. pages say, the front page looking like a monthly offer before the explicit statement on the order page.

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Same here on the Swedish pages. A highly questionable way of tier marketing IMO.

As suggested above I suppose it’s to allow comparison between Studio and Sublime prices.

I also find Qobuz billing methods hard to decipher. My account says I have Qobuz studio, which I think is around $10 dollars a month here in Canada.
What I can not figure out is if I paid for the whole year already, or not?
I paid with my credit card, but trying to find out if it is paid up for the year sends my head spinning.
Anyone know where to find this info?

If you’ve paid for a whole year, surely you’d see a $120 payment on your credit card bill. You must know how much you’ve paid.

You are right HH, I will have to do some back searching on my card. It just seems harder than it should be when looking on the Qobuz App for payment info.
When you first sign up, it is a free trial, but you need to give your credit card info. Then it is not clear (to me) when the payment actually kicked in, and for how much I paid.

Log in via the website.

All the info you require is available.

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I pay annually b/c it’s cheaper. It’s not difficult.


I have been paying for an annual subscription for Qobuz, not sublime, and the cost is 10.83 per month and with the local sales tax added it equals $ 143.60 one time payment. I find the quality of the music and vast library of music to select from is worth the cost.


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Thanks, I will have to try when I get home from work. Hopefully i can find the appropriate password. Why do they not have that info on the App? They allow me to stream with the App to my AirPods, so obviously it is me, and I am signed in. So many damn passwords and security codes these days, drives me insane.:weary:
Edit, made it home and logged in to my account on web browser.
I paid for a year, good until next May…$10.83 a month is what I ended up paying.

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Have a look under My Invoices, my annual Sublime subscription renewed in September:

It used to be more expensive. I can’t honestly remember a monthly option, at least in the UK, and if there were the annual one-off payment would likely be cheaper.

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Love your new ‘avatar’ HH, Sue Ellen would approve :wink:

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