Qobuz sublime

Currently subscribe to tidal (and Spotify for car holidays abroad etc). I’m on the cusp of switching to Qobuz and particularly their sublime subscription. This is mainly so I can purchase hi-res downloads.

Firstly. Should just use the windows downloaded file and then save to an external hardrive, or is there a better app I could install first? Thoughts?

Secondly. The main difference between the two Qobuz subscriptions is the discounted purchase with Sublime. Are there sufficient discounted albums in the blues rock jazz categories to justify the added monthly fee? Any experiences?

Playback. via NDX2 Mscaler TT2 282 SC 300dr pmc 24s. Also Mojo2/poly for mobile listening.

All thoughts appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Q is why doing you need the hi-res downloads?
Only reason I can see is to move them to a legacy MP3player.
Modern DMPs and iPhone etc will allow you to load the Qobuz app and download there for free to use off line (while you have Qobuz subscription).
I’ve used Qobuz for 12 years and occasionally looked at Sublime, but felt I wouldn’t use it enough compared to standard.
FWIW I use Qobuz whilst driving abroad using apple Car Play.

The main reason being that I’m interested in buying hi res albums.
Also I wanted to be able to save to sd card and play via my Mojo/poly rather than Bluetooth stream.

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Makes sense.
The discount applies to all the albums on the catalogue

If you’re buying a lot of music the sublime sub pays off. I bulk buy when they offer discounts, usually two or three times a year, and the discounts I’ve received paid for the sub.

You don’t need to buy a lot of downloads to get the “Sublime” cost back in savings. I have bought a couple at 50% and have already saved the increased cost of Sublime in 7 downloads.

One question I have. When items are reduced for Sublime does that reduction always stay or can it disappear? Does anyone know?

I like Qobuz Sublime but they are a bit naughty.

You might see a number of the other Hi Res sellers such as 7digital and HiRes Audio selling a Hi Res at say £15.

Qobuz will give you the sublime reduction of say 33% but they jack up the front end price to £20 so you pay £13.4

Cheaper, yes but they are not really playing the game. End result - it is not quite the same great deal it was a few years ago.

That was my fear. Thank you for helping me reach a decision.

Thanks, I’ll have to check out the other sellers. I have to say, a the minute I haven’t paid more than $15CDN for an album and most around $10 (which is only £6) so I am fairly happy

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