Qobuz subscription issue within Naim app

Despite having a Qobuz Sublime Duo subscription, I can only stream 30 seconds of a track when using the Naim app on my iPhone (13 pro max). I receive a message saying my subscription doesn’t allow streaming. And yet, using the Qobuz app directly, on the same phone, it streams the whole track without an issue.

When streaming Qobuz using the Naim app on my Macbook, again there is no issue.

I have rebooted my iPhone and also reinstalled the Naim app on it several times…to no avail. What gives? Advice?

This means that you are not signed in correctly on the phone. Log out and log in again and it should work.

I use the Linn app and you have to log in to Qobuz via the Linn app.

Is this the same for the Naim app?


It is the same.

Thx, I’m not certain…when you say log in and out, to what are you referring? The Naim app, Qobuz, my iPhone…all three?

Ahha, I just discovered the Naim app input setting for Qobuz on my iPhone…which had an old login…and the problem is now fixed. Thx!

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I’m must be absolutely effing thick but I can’t log in to either apps, Qobuz or Naim. Changed password, cleared cache, full subscription paid. Only one player at any time,
What the heck is left for me to do except cancel the bloody thing!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I can log in to both

Naim app, Qobuz, Tidal, everything works… Probably wrong with your network or device.

This sometimes happens. It seems to be a Qobuz issue. The fix is log out of Qobuz in the Naim app and then delete the Naim app so that you can start again later. Then go to Qobuz online and change the password again. Check that you can login ok and play stuff in the Qobuz app.

Then once that is all ok, install the Naim app again and enter your new Qobuz details in the Naim app. It should now be ok.


And then make yourself a cup of tea and relax. :grin:


Eureka! Deleted everything before going to bed last night and reinstalled Naim app this morning and it’s working. Mind you, I haven’t reinstalled their app yet.
Thank you for the advice.

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I had a notification from Qobuz last week that after their next app update, I’d need to re-login to my account (apparently they’ve made some extra security changes to their authentication, or something like that :slight_smile: ). After I downloaded their latest app update yesterday I had to re-login. Possibly any issues using Qobuz in other apps is related to this and a simple log-out of your Qobuz account and re-login will solve any issues people have (without having to re-install any Naim apps etc.)?

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It is a brand new single Premium account so I think the security checks kicked in, specially when I tried it on all sorts of Hifi bits including the AV amplifier in the living room.
Reinstalled the Qobuz app and everything is running smoothly so far. I do need to change the password to a stronger one though. Hopefully this time it will be a less stressful process.