Qobuz Track Play Order

Hi I am playing Qobuz through my Naim App. ND5XS2, if that matters. When I play an album, the tracks do not play in the order listed on the album when I select the album to play. Is this normal? I am new to streaming.

You’ve probably pressed shuffle. It’s the tiny crossed arrows in the app near the volume control.

@HungryHalibut @robert_h tapping the shuffle icon does nothing. I can’t turn it off.

It should toggle on (white) and off (grey). The icon only changes colour to indicate state.

…and can be a wee bit difficult to see the difference between on and off.

Been there, done that, and @Jaybar sometimes you have to be very gentle to change the status

@robert_h @CalamityJack @Bjm nothing on my iPhone. Does not toggle at all. Only the repeat toggles. It plays in the corrrct order on the Qobuz app but not the Naim app. What next? Latest iPhone 15 Pro. Latest iOS. iOS app version 6.5.0

You could always manually unshuffle them.

Does anyone actually use the shuffle feature. What’s the point of it.

i use it for playlists not albums - it is great for listening to long playlists of music new to me - putting tracks in new context each time they play


I use either my iPhone 14 or an older laptop. The app version is the same as yours at 6.5.0 so I do not understand why it does not toggle for you.

I have looked at the settings again and can’t see any other options that you may need. Mine will toggle on playlists for qobuz, server etc. as well as full albums so I am not sure how to advise you further.

Sometimes the toggle works. Sometimes not.

On iPhone 12 (still on 15.7) Naim app 6.5.0 random plays definetly works here for Qobuz.
Bjm you haven’t said which album(s) you are having an issue with.
I selected S& G Bridge Over Troubled Water (Hi-Res) and it plays random, when I press the skip and also when I just play, random is operative.
Couple or so of thoughts - how often do you kill the app? Closing it completely - notdeleting it.
Then often do you power down your phone? I do that every couple of days to clear anything in memory.
Screen protector may be a cause of issue and certainly a regular screen clean is advisable.
If none of the above works for you, have you tried using a screen pen?

Hi @sound-hound , it is actually @Jaybar who has the problem, I was only advising that mine works perfectly :wink:

As a further point, I use an iPad without screen protector and will clean it regularly (dry, soft cloth, breathe on screen) as it sometimes becomes less responsive. This is on all apps by the way. The clean cures it every time.

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It seems - I can’t see a link, but apologies if I responded to your post, rather Jaybar’s, which was my intention.

Not a problem. We’re all trying to help @Jaybar :grinning:

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Thanks to all. I finally got the shuffle to disengage. It is now playing tracks in the correct order.


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