Qobuz Trial. Why am I only getting 30 second Tracks


I have a Qobuz Trial Subscription. Is this why I am only getting 30 second tracks or is there something else going on?

Try signing out and signing in again, that may well fix it.

30 seconds is for samples only when you are not logged in.
I’m guessing you are trying to use qobuz in the Naim app. You need to login with the Naim app. Put your credentials here:
Input settings
Add id and password

@robert_h Did as you suggested and then logged in. It says my account is not “streaming capable”. Visit Qobuz. It directs me there and offers plan options. I thought a 30 day trial gives you full service. What gives?

Any other suggestions? This is driving me crazy. Why offer a 30 day trial if all you get is 30 second tracks?

I suggest you login to qobuz website and confirm exactly the state of your account with them.
The 30 day trial is just first month free, there should not be any restriction of access.

Is the trial period really free?

The trial period really is free and with no obligation. A valid payment method is required in order to confirm your country of origin before you can subscribe, but you will not be charged before the end of your free trial period. If you are unsatisfied with our service, you can cancel at any time during this trial period, at no charge, and still enjoy the service until the end of the free trial period.

Do I have to commit for a certain period of time?

No. You can cancel your subscription at any time, even during the trial period—in which case you will continue to enjoy the benefits of the service until the trial expires. Annual plans are sold with the understanding that you are signing up for a full year in advance without the option of prorated refunds in case of cancellation after the end of the trial period.

@jmtennapel that turned out not to cause the problem. I had to choose a subscription plan, which would start after my free trial.

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