Qobuz vs Tidal

Seriously considering upgrading my ND5XS to the second iteration for Qobuz streaming later this year…
I’d be interested to hear from anybody who’s done this for a comparison between the functionality/sophistication of the two interfaces…

I own an ND5XS2 and did the comparison.
From a SQ perspective, with CD quality album I found both very good and similar (Tidal has a little more bass and Qobuz is slightly more detailed). With Hi-Res (not available in Tidal), Qobuz wins hands down.
The Naim app with Tidal is not so good, with Qobuz is awful (you can’t even see your favourites albums in alphabetical order …).

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Similar here, ND5XS2 and CD quality from Qobuz and Tidal there’s little to choose between them but Qobuz hi res can be wonderful with a well mastered album.
As for the interface I don’t find it too much of an issue because I never use favourites or playlists.

Thought it was just me with the Qobuz/Naim App, it’s not great.

Annoyingly, when I search it also brings up Tidal (which I don’t have) and then have to refilter.

For what concerns the catalogue, I had 446 favourites on Tidal and found 444 of them on Qobuz.
Those two album missed curiously are Roger Waters - The Pros and The Cons … and Grace Jones - Nightclubbing :astonished:

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If I’m not wrong, in the app settings / inputs you can deactivate Tidal.


I ran TIDAL for 2 1/2 years and enjoyed the service. When Qobuz became available in the US this past February I took the advantage of the 30 day free trial. In comparison with TIDAL, with my room, my system, my ears, I canceled the TIDAL service on day 30 and enrolled with Qobuz. Qobuz was also $5 dollars less per month so it was truly a win/win situation. (If I thought TIDAL sounded better I would have continued to pay the $19.99 per month. Qobuz being less expensive was just a bit of icing on a very good cake.)

The Naim app could be improved but I have no difficulties finding the albums I want to play very quickly. I did find the TIDAL interface with Naim no better than Qobuz.

Good luck with your upgrade and enjoy the journey!


The Pros and Cons … I was beginning to think I was the only Floyd/Waters fan that liked it. I never hear of it anywhere else.
And not just for the bird on the jacket either …


What sort of bird was it? Must have been a very small jacket…

Qobuz definitely with a Naim Streamer for SQ.

Can you use the Tidal app to directly send music to the streamer? Think it’s called Tidal Connect (Spotify does the same) - from a browse standpoint it’s much better than Qubuz without investing in Roon.

Connect is just a Spotify thing. You would need to use AirPlay or Chromecast to do this with Tidal.

Interesting, Tidal works just like Spotify with Sonos and Airplay devices for me. Can’t confirm how it works with a Naim Streamer (will test next week).

Sonos has its own proprietary way of doing things. A Naim streamer will appear as an AirPlay or Chromecast or Bluetooth client device in the list within the Tidal app.

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