I use the Naim ND5XS2 to listen to Qobuz. I cannot use the start button for qobuz in the app. That works well on my Android phone. Internet radio and the button do work. A solution please.


Hi, have you downloaded and tried the Focal-Naim app - it’s what I use with same streamer and it’s that good I only use the Qobuz app now for mobile listening from my iPhone.


Disconnect first from Qobuz on all your devices. Restart your app and log again in the Qobuz / Naim app.

Hi, yes I am using the focal-naim app. The same on my android phone. The latter works fine.

What’s it not working on then?

I cannot press the qobus button in the focal-naim app on my iPad. So I cannot switch between the radio button and the qobuz button. The strange thing is that I can do that on my Android phone.
Jan (Netherlands, 72)

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That’s what we are after.

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I don’t know what you did, but everything works as it should again. thank you.