Quality issue

Recently I heard more cases about failures of newer products like SN3 and NDX2. I’m using 202/200 and so far haven’t had any problem. How about others? Maybe Naim scaled up production and then face some related quality issues?

Probably less then 1% of units sold. Most people are more then happy with there units. We only see complaints because of being on this forum. How many happy owners are there that don’t post.


That’s true

Doubt if Naim will talk figures, although I’d love to know some basics, how many Musos are in the market?

But I’m in the medical diagnostic area and our product base is about 100,000 units world wide, we see issues that can be traced to quality in the low hundreds of units. So way under 1%.

FWIW I’ve had two screens replaced on two separate Naim units. But as I don’t know the figures it’s hard to judge.

All the best.


Never once had any quality problems with my Naim purchases, since about 1972.


If a company makes more products that it did in previous years and the level of defect remains the same, the number of failures will remain the same.

If you then add in the effect of the Internet - and this Forum - making it easier for people to report such failures - and make these failure more visible to others, you have potential for an apparent increase in failures.

I would wager that Naim’s failure rates have actually gone down, as processes that were once manual have been automated. But that’s just a guess…

Anecdotally there are perhaps more reports but then the context for that has to be that people largely post negative stuff on forums rather than “I’ve just been sitting here for 30 years with an occasionally recapped system enjoying hours of music”.

Additionally Naim has expanded into areas which will inevitably bring a learning curve for all concerned e.g. networking, screens, DACs. Their badge on the box will often see them held responsible for things beyond their control.

Finally of course this forum has never been easier to access and so to some extent the bar has been lowered in terms of what an entry level complaint looks like.

All that said, I’ve just moved away from a Naim source as the NDX2 didn’t sound as good to me or my family and it’s clear that there are elements of it which are great for some but less so for others.

There has been a recent issue with signal relays so I understand that affected Naim sources and NACs I believe … but I assume Naim have now addressed.
In the past there has been issues with noisy transformers, but this appears to have improved now with current products.
In the early NACs there were some issues with automation, and that has long since been resolved.
These things happen from time to time.

I hope so Simon as my newly ordered 282 is at Naim HQ the last thing I want is a dodgy NAC with failing relays.

It’s switching relay failures on new streamers, not NAC. Be confident!

There were also the oil slick logos for a while. I had two such units.


And NAC… there have been a few 552 relay failures that I am aware of. I believe they are the similar components anyway as they do the same function,

But I am sure it is now resolved… and Naim repair really promptly if the worse happens… they did for me at least.

Ah ok, i didn’t know. Read recently some on new streamers only…

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But this is a problem of the Brand .
They should improve the quality of the suppliers. Or change them.

I recently had a problem with a 3 week old 252 which had a display board failure🙁
Dealer sorted it quickly and Naim replaced the faulty board within 2 weeks. Technician said it was the first display board failure he’d seen in 20 years at Naim.
All my other Naim kit has been very reliable.


Nice to see you here. I asked you on Facebook

Sorry to be a pedant, I don’t think you mean brand… perhaps you mean a problem with Naim Audio production or manufacture, or even simply the Naim Audio company.

A brand is a type of product marketed and manufactured under a specific name… like Muso, Classic Series, 500 Series, For Bentley, Statement etc. These are Naim Audio brands.

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Surely Naim Audio is the “brand name” of the manufacturer, a Muso is one of the the models.

Or am I driving a brand name Sierra ?

Having thought further Sierra is a the brand name of FoMoCo as well as a model in the range.


If even Englishmen don’t agree on the term, who can ?

It would feel natural to say that in that scenario you are driving the Sierra model from the Ford brand of the Ford Motor Company.

Similarly you can own a Muso model from the Naim Audio brand of the Vervent Audio Group. :wink: