Quality Non-Audiophile Mains Block

I need a mains block for my router, switches, BT box etc. Not looking to spend a fortune but wanting a solid well engineered block to replace the current cheapo one.

Any suggestions?

Music Line Netzleiste. Naims power cord. Star ground (2 first inlets). Welded joints. Good sized copper lanes. 75 EUR here in Sweden.


I must admit I use a simple Russ Andrews 4 way power block to power my network bits located in my office.

Take a look at Olson if you want a customisable and well built UK made block (if RA doesn’t have any Summer discount offers on).


Thanks but doesn’t seem to be available in UK :slightly_frowning_face:

Have you looked at MCRU (mcru.co.uk) ??

They have good value products…

All the best,

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Make your own. :+1:t2:
Best quality and best value.
Two Double Unswitched MK sockets and MK safety plug with all polished pins and containing Bussmann fuse. :sunglasses: :+1:t2:
Nothing added and nothing taken away. :thinking:


I use an extra wiremold strip that previously powered my hifi before getting an ultra HBL strip.

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I have two of these WireWorld Matrix 2 star-wired power strips for my ancillary kit. Currently £150 and available in UK.

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I use the CS947 Tacima 6 Way Mains Conditioner with Surge Protection nice for nas drives and routers… I not suggesting you hang your main hifi of this…there are a number of very good solutions for this like the Wireworld Units etc…but for TV’s and other light peripherals its great.


Something from Olson: there’s usually something on ebay if you dont want to spend new prices.



Perfect thank you :+1:

I once had one. Totally inaudible, and I mean it as praise.

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Ensure you avoid anything with a neon light

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can`t find this

discontinued model?

Available in Sweden and Germany at least.

Graham’s Hydra. Simple.

Audiophily, but not silly.


Unnecessary plastic look but well built/good components. Got two for my system.

Despite a great suggestion from @Skeptikal to make my own, I’m far too busy (lazy)!

I found this ‘audiophile’ block on a certain auction site. Looks like it’s a guy who makes them from home. I didn’t want to spend a fortune as it’s only for BT box and switches and I needed 4m so I think it fits the bill.

" The cable utilizing 2.5mm sq conductors shielded with active earth screening system to keep mains noise away from your equipment."

I used something similar for quite a long time the first thing I did was take out the neon :scream:
I did various mods and tidy wiring but eventually opened the whole device up and didn’t like the quality of the internals certainly not for my main system so I made my own double pair unswitched.

That looks much easier than what I had in mind.
I’m not much of a DIYer with audio gear, but have ordered an aluminium box from China and a bunch of plugs to make an unswitched one. It seemed cheap enough until I decided I needed a solder station to make it. Now I’ll need to find more projects within my capability to justify the tools.
My last decision to make is wiring. 2.5 or 4mm2, solid or stranded, silver-coated or standard copper? I expect opinion will be divided, as to how much difference any of that would make.