Quality of NDX DAC

A recent post suggested using an Ifi Zen Stream as a transport giving access to all the various streaming services that the NDX cannot handle. So my question is whether the DAC in the NDX is of sufficient quality to make this worthwhile.

There’s nothing wrong with the NDX DAC, the NDX streaming limitations are because its processor & its firmware does not have the capacity.

I like the sound of my NDX so adding a Zen Stream or similar seems like an inexpensive way of bringing it right up to date.

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Yes it might be worth a try, I’ve not looked into it as I don’t do much web streaming & am happy with what the NDX can do. Maybe others who have experience can comment.

This is exactly what I did to bring my NAC 272 up to date (using the DAC in the 272), and I have no regrets, especially as the iFi ZS is also a Roon endpoint.

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