Quardraspire turntable shelves

I am considering getting a Quadraspire (SVT or Q4) shelf for my recently purchased P10.

Prices vary from around £300 to approximately £800.

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts?



Hi Dazederic, and welcome. I use a Quadraspire wall shelf for my LP12. My shelf predates the SVT & Q4, but is a similar design. My floor is springy, so anything that wasn’t attached to the wall was a non-starter for me.

It’s lightweight, rigid, aesthetically pleasing (my wife likes it, which is the key thing!), and works as advertised.

If the P10 fits on the Q4 EVO, I’d recommend it highly – especially in bamboo. If you can hear your table on one before handing over your dosh, try to do so.

What you want is Rega’s own wall bracket. £150. It will work far better than any Quadraspire. It was literally designed for the P8 and P10.


Yep, what @hungryhalibut said.

I tend to agree. On the other hand, sometimes for domestic harmony aesthetics needs to take precedence over sonics, so whilst the Rega shelf might be best in one way in another it could cause lots of problems.

I’ve got my P8 on the top of my SVT rack and I’m perfectly happy.
I might get the dedicated Rega wall shelf at some point, but I’m not sure of the aesthetics - I like how it all looks at the moment,

I had my TT on a Rega wall shelf, then when I reorganised the system last year I put it on top of my Fraim. Aesthetics are of course important and if one has Quadraspire it can make sense to have a matching shelf. Back in the day I had a Quadraspire reference wall shelf for my then LP12. I later put it onto Fraim and it sounded much, much better. The SVT shelving is very very good, it’s just that I’m not convinced about the wall shelf. The design makes it quite hard to get level.

I’d highly recommend the Rega shelf. As Nigel says it was designed as the preferred support for the P10, it “sounds” amazing and IMO it looks as though it’s part of the TT.

You’ll also save yourself several hundred quid which you can spend on vinyl to play on it!


I have the quadraspire with an RP8 on it, I have just bought a Rega wall stand. I wanted my quadraspire to be as tall as possible so I bought it with the highest shelves/bars 160mm each shelf from memory to get the TT as high as poss, but I think I just made it a bit wobbly.

Only if you try and mount it on a wall like this:


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