Quboz intergration

Any news on the Quboz integration to naims new generation streamers, saw online a while ago it was going to be before the end of the year…

Might try it as I am using tidal at the moment

Naim have said publicly that this is going to be implemented. What they never do is put a date on it, as until they are happy with both functionality and sound quality, they never release anything.

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As Chris states above, Naim won’t put any firm dates on release until they’re happy with everything. Latest I’ve heard is that it’s going well but there are a few stubborn bugs that need sorting out before its ready. As such, I wouldn’t reckon on a release just before Christmas - mainly because of the holidays, as there would be limited factory support available until their return in the New Year. So if all goes well I would expect Naim to make some kind of an announcement fairly soon after they return for the holidays in the New Year.


I think it’s cool that Naim is doing Qobuz integration, but as a Roon user it probably won’t make any difference for me. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have options.

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I use Tidal at the moment, not impressed with user experience at all for classical. Spotify much better, Apple hopeless. Will try Quboz, but the clear leader for classical is Primephonic which is superb but through my 272 I have to do by bluetooth, not so good.

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Primephonic is really good

I hadn’t heard about Primephonic. I see that the latest version of the app includes Chromecast support. Chromecast is supported by the new platform Naim streamers and you can still buy the discontinued but excellent Google Chromecast Audio device which will handle up to 24/96 into a digital input on an old Naim streamer (or a 272)…


To be clear, one only needs the Chromecast Audio device for the legacy streamers.

I thought I was clear, but anyway yes that is right.


I listen primarily to classical and jazz. I have found Qobuz far better, both in terms of selection and sound quality, than Tidal. I dropped Tidal once free trial expired. If you use Roon, the integration of my Qobuz library with my local files is seamless.

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There will never be Quboz integration unfortunately.
But Qobuz. :crazy_face:

Says the man who writes Unitserve rather than UnitiServe.

Excuse my ignorance but how do you connect a Chromecast Audio device to the Digital input of a 272?

You need an optical cable with 3.5mm jack on the CCA end.

Exactly as Chris says. I paid £4.99 on eBay for a 0.5 m cable. The output on the Chromecast Audio is both 3.5 mm analogue and optical digital on the same socket.


You can also use a regular toslink cable with one of these little toslink/3.5mm adapters. That’s what I did when I used my Chromecast Audio.

Thanks everyone for the info about the TOSlink adaptor, I’ll Get one.

Don’t use adaptors, go straight to Audioquest Vodka Toslink > mini-jack, a net but still affordable upgrade from the entry level Cinnamon. :nerd_face:

Chag -

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