Quboz intergration

Any news on the Quboz integration to naims new generation streamers, saw online a while ago it was going to be before the end of the year…

Might try it as I am using tidal at the moment

Naim have said publicly that this is going to be implemented. What they never do is put a date on it, as until they are happy with both functionality and sound quality, they never release anything.

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As Chris states above, Naim won’t put any firm dates on release until they’re happy with everything. Latest I’ve heard is that it’s going well but there are a few stubborn bugs that need sorting out before its ready. As such, I wouldn’t reckon on a release just before Christmas - mainly because of the holidays, as there would be limited factory support available until their return in the New Year. So if all goes well I would expect Naim to make some kind of an announcement fairly soon after they return for the holidays in the New Year.


I think it’s cool that Naim is doing Qobuz integration, but as a Roon user it probably won’t make any difference for me. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have options.