Qubuz and NDS

The solution would be , for you, to buy an Nd5xs2, connected in SPDIF to your NDS.
Maybe I will take that route, but I would like to know first if the upgrade in sound vs Nds /555 dr for local streaming is worthwhile. For Qobuz and Tidal, it should be an uplift for sure.

BubbleUPnP (not Bubble UPnP server as suggested - a different product) on Android
and MConnect on IOS.

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As with anything cheaper options are available but why hobble an NDS in this manner?

Absolutely possible - use the NDS within Roon, with a UPnP Bridge between the Roon Core, feeding the Ethernet input.
You get a better Tidal interface too, plus the whole metadata management for anything you store locally.

I use the SonoreUPnP Bridge on a Sonore UltraRendu, but have also a ‘LMS2UPNP’ solution running on a RaspberryPi, where I also run Asset UPnP server.
I also believe the RooUPNP solution works well.

No need to upgrade to a ND555, just get a Roon Core server and UPnP Bridge to ‘Roonify the NDS.


Agreed, feeding the NDS with a S/PDIF is a crazy solution, like buying an NDX2 to use a Chord DAVE DAC.
Just use the best input on the NDS, the Ethernet input and bypass all the limitations of the BridgeCo. board by using a Roon Core to interface to all streaming service, manage all your music and consolidate into a UPnP stream to the NDS.

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Another vote for BubbleUPnP here, I used it for a UQ1 rubbing off an Android phone, without any problems.

I do combine it with BubbleUPnP server to transcode to WAV, but that’s not essential.

@Diver99 IIRC there’s a thread somewhere where Naim technical staff explain they could do Tidal integration on the gen 1 streamers a bit easier than they could for Qobuz. I also thought they could do one, but not both, due to compute resources, I just couldn’t find a reference for that point

Yes, does the job admirably when the Naim App natively cannot.

I am not sure to completely agree. I agree if the goal is only to have Qobuz on the old streamer. Adding an Nd5xs2 is too expensive . A Sonore rendu is a good option indeed.
But if the goal, as mine, is to improve the sound quality, then it can be an option.
However no one for now shared on how sounds an Nd5xs2 or Ndx2 in Spdif to Nds.
I stay curious for that option.

Just not a fan of S/PDIF for anything beyond Redbook, where it was a design compromise like the actual standard.

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I have been using the Nd5xs2 into my trusty NDS via the naim DC1 cable for Qobuz,radio paradise etc, can’t fault it -sounds fabulous


Did it improved the Nds for local streaming ? Very very curious

Can you give more detail as I have never tried bubble or similar before. By the way, I use IOS a new PC not android.
Once I install Bubble uPNP server on the PC, how do I actually stream Qubuz, select tracks?
Sorry if this sounds really basic

Hi all
I’ve gone with mconnect. Was straightforward to set up and works ok for me.
Thanks for all the suggestions


So the NDS has become the dac for the ND5XS2. I still run the Uniticore via the NDS and my other NAC272 based system. I also can listen to Qobuz and Hires stations (radio paradise Etc ) on the 272 as well with the Naim App app . Very happy with the outcome

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Excellent. All you need to do now is add a DAC to the SPDIF output and you’ll have a fully pimped NDS.

My wondering is if it’s possible to achieve Nd555 performance with Nd5xs2 into Nds/555 dr.
For now I couldn’t find a response, specially for local streaming, which is my only concern.

Audirvana. Will stream Qobuz directly from PC or Mac
RooUPnP on a Raspberry Pi. Works brilliantly and excellent VFM if you have Roon and a Raspberry Pi

Local Streaming?, -would ‘imagine’ the ND5XS2/NDS/555DR combo closer to the ND555 than the NDX2/555DR ,not done a direct comparison though

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This. And it works perfectly and sounds great.

Thanks for the response. As I stream only locally, from my Melco, I am very curious if Nd5xs2 into Nds/555 dr is really and clearly better than Nds/ 555dr, on local streaming only. If yes, it would save me a lot of money. As you know, selling the Nds is a big loose , as it’s generally around 2k euros. Buying the Nd555 without the ps on second hand market is not easy. Generally it comes at around 17/20 k on second hand ( with the 555 dr).