Queen - A Night At The Opera - Behind the Recording

Many will know some of this story, but there is always more.
Spot Brian May playing a Burns guitar…!


Good spot for the clip @IanRobertM. Unusually for YT clips, seems pretty accurate. I hadn’t seen Brian with the white guitar before though.

Funnily enough, just listened to the BBC Xmas concert from this tour.

Coming at the end of the UK leg, it has them in fine form. If I recall correctly, the full set from the tour had surprisingly few NATO songs but I do remember it being immense - I still have the ticket stub from row H!

It was my birthday earlier in the month - thought you’d find the card my daughter found amusing! We have three cats and they could have been models for this.


Looks to be a Burns Bison. There is a logic to this, as the Bison uses/ed Burns Trisonic pickups - which is what Brian bought for his Red Special.

B Bison

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