Quest For A 4k AV Amp

I am looking to replace my 2011 Pioneer VSX-LX55 av amp with a 4K av amp, my budget is £1200.00.
My system is 5.1 speakers and will be staying at 5.1 speakers in the future. My speaker sysyem is KEF T105 5.1 speaker system.
I will need 4mm banana sockets to plug my speaker cables in.
My connected sources are Sky+ HD box, BlueRay Player, and 4K Amazon Firestick.
My TV has only one 4K HDMI input.
I do not use the AV amp for playing music.
I would very much welcome any suggestions of 4K av amps to consider that fit the above.
Thank you

I had a Denon X2200W, recently changed it for a soundbar as i wanted less boxes however it was very good and never let me down once so would happily recommend any of their ranges.

Happy with my marantz sr6015, should meet your needs and also has pre-outs if you wish to connect to other pre/power amps.

Likewise, although I bought an SR5015 in the end - the same pre-amp/processor as more expensive models and I’d be upgrading to 2x power amps before too long, anyway.

If you don’t like the Marantz sound, there’s invariably a Denon equivalent available.

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Denon AVR-X4700. Just discontinued so bargains to be had. Denon X4xxx series are seriously good.

That said, I also use a Bose soundbar elsewhere and that plus a sub does a brilliant job with zero boxes and zero rear speakers.

İf you are into gaming 2.1 hdmi is a must for TV and AVR

Hi All.

Thank you for your responces.
I have 5.1 speakers, and in the end went for a Marantz Cinema 60 as I wanted a RCA digital input.
This came in handy when the ACR failed on my current AV amp.
Just waiting now for delivery.

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