Question about system automation

I am rearranging my 333/332/350 system and had a couple of questions about system automation which I can’t figure out from the manual.

The Naim app settings for system automation are Off/Wired/Wireless. I currently have my 333/332 paired with each other and the system automation works as it should between those two units if I select wireless in the app. I have attempted to connect the 350s using a digital optical cable going from the preamp remote out to the remote in on the first 350 and another “daisychain” optical cable connecting the first 350 to the second. This doesn’t seem to be working. I think this is probably user error perhaps by using the wrong setting (i.e wired vs. wireless). Any suggestions?

The 332 has two remote out sockets, so one for each 350 :slightly_smiling_face: That’s the way I have mine setup and it works fine. Set wireless connection in the app for the 333/332 pairing.

Mark, thanks so much for the potential solution which I tried to no effect unfortunately. However, it is good to know that pairing the 333/332 wirelessly doesn’t interfere with the wired connection to the 350s. I am beginning to suspect the somewhat obvious issue; that the longer optical cable between the preamp and the first 350 is not working either because it is faulty or too long. Thanks again!

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Hi Philip, strange that it’s not working like that, try swapping the cables to the 350s on the back of the 332, if it’s a fault in the cable the other 350 would stop working.

Edit … also worth checking the cables and sockets, a bit of fluff or something in there could be affecting it