Question about the NAC82

As I’m in the market for a NAC82 I have been trying to find out what revisions the model went through and thought the experts on here would be able to illuminate me!

I have seen some models which don’t seem to have the ‘volume’ and ‘balance’ writing engraved and illuminated and am trying to figure out if that’s an age thing or just bad photography!

Secondly I know the volume control seems to have gone through some revisions and POTS 8 is supposed to be the best option. When was this incorporated into the design and is it still retrofittable if I send any amp I acquire in to Naim for service?

Were there any other circuit board revisions during the life of the product?

If I decide to stretch to a 282 how different is the circuit topology and sound compared to the 82? I guess one factor is that any NAC82 will likely be due a service whereas the higher cost of the 282 to buy is partially offset by not needing a service - at least for a few years.

Any light anyone can shed would be appreciated!


I believe the engraving and led are on all 82s, but happy to be corrected.

Rather than the Pots 8 issue I think the bigger question is the olive vs classic SQ question. Olives are known for their drive and prat. The 282, it is argued, gives a smoother and more refined sound.

In an ideal world I would find a dealer selling an 82 and dem it against a 282. Said dealer will be able to advise on service history. If it needed a service/pots 8 upgrade it should be reflected in its price.


AFAIK all 82s have illumination on ‘volume’ and ‘balance’. My 82 left the factory as POTS8 but they can be upgraded by either Naim or Darran at Class A (Sheffield). I had mine serviced by Darran as soon as I had bought it.

Richard Dane is the man with all the info. I’m sure he’ll drop in here soon :slightly_smiling_face:

The volume/balance knobs have a plastic cover that can slip around and hide the green led.

Thanks guys for the input - I think for various reasons the NAC82 makes the most sense for me - cosmetic, PRAT, cost etc. The hard part is finding a good one, they seem to be as rare as hens teeth! I also probably wouldn’t have spent £350 having my NAC102 serviced at Naim last month if I had planned this better but at least I know the NAC102 is performing to its maximum potential while I wait for a nice 82 to come along. If anyone is thinking of parting with theirs please do PM me.

Good to know there seem to be very few revisions during the model’s life.

Thanks again,


I had my 102 serviced and it had just run in before an mint 82 POTS8 appeared on eBay. IIRC Richard Dane suggested that a POTS 7 or 8 is just fine, with an 8 being ideal.

It’s less forward than the 102 and I found voices to be spookily real at the first listen.

Yup, 82 should have illuminated knobs and POTS8 is a service item upgrade if you want it. Don’t fret though if you have POTS7 onboard.

There’s an 82 currently listed on a certain well known on-line auction website.

Thanks everyone - good to have your input. Yes, I’ve been looking at that NAC82 you mention Svetty, just not sure what to make of the corrosion on the DIN sockets as it has reputedly been stored for 10 years and was last serviced 16 years ago. Might be worth a punt at the right price I guess and then just send to naim for servicing before use.


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