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Hello all,

Got a Uniti Nova that also amplifies the front two channels for my home cinema via the AV fixed volume on one of the analogue inputs.

I’ve got two subs with line level inputs only, and want to use these for music and movies. Problem is the subs have only one set of inputs.

I can mix the LFE channel into the mains in the AVR but would prefer to keep the subs with the LFE feed.

So a question to the forum (and maybe Naim) - is it possible to feed these through the Nova? I’m thinking of the sub pre-out from the AVR into one of the other inputs and staight out of the Nova’s sub/line outputs. That way I can keep the subs on the Nova and use them for music and movies. This would obviously need the ability for the Nova to process two inputs simultaneously as it would need to digitise the front channels (eg analogue input 1) and the sub feed (on input 2).

Apologies if this has been asked before. Any suggestions?

The Nova can only take a regular 2 channel stereo input. It cannot take an additional LFE channel. If you want to run an active sub, it can take a pre out signal which will normally go through a low pass filter in the sub.

Hi Chris, thanks for the reply.

To clarify, what I want is:

Front LR pre-out via stereo RCA leads from AV amp -> Nova analogue input 1 -> Nova power amp -> Front L/R speakers
2x subwoofer pre-out via RCA leads from AV amp -> Nova analogue input 2 -> Nova pre-out -> 2x subwoofers

As you’ve suggested the pre-out from the Nova can be fed straight to the subs for music listening with the sub applying the low-pass cut-off (this is what I have now) but i’d like the Nova to pass the sub output from the AV amp when i’m in bypass mode so that I can use the connection to the subs when playing music or movies.

Was more a question to Naim if this is feasible in the hardware that could be enabled in future firmware, guessing the limitation is whether each of the analogue inputs has a separate ADC section. If this is possible it would be limited to the Nova and the Star as the Atom only has the single analogue input.

If feasible this could be enabled with a tick-box in the app similar to the fixed level option.

Hope this makes sense now.

I honestly don’t think what you want to do is possible. The Nova is a 2 channel system, and it isn’t going to be able to run what is essentially a 2.1 (or even 2.2) channel AV setup.

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