Question for Atom HE

I have a Unit Atom HE for my headphones.
I also have a ND555 source for my speaker system.
Is it possible to connect ND555 with Unit Atom HE for headphones?
Because I want to use ND555 as a souse, and Unit Atom HE as a amplifier.
how do I do that ?

You can do that by connecting digital out (coax BNC) on the 555 to the Digital 1 input (coax RCA) on the Atom HE. Or, go all analogue on both ends. A bit unusual, but those are the choices. I’d recommend the digital connection if you are using analogue in the main system.


Yes, you presumably use the DIN out on the ND555 already but you can use the RCA out to connect it to the Atom RCA input. You need to enable both outputs on the app settings menu. The analogue signal is then digitised by the Atom and passed through its DAC, which might possibly negate some of the advantages of using the ND555 although I dare say it will still sound better. You could use a digital output to feed the Atom, which would not use the DAC in the ND555 but also avoids ADC in the Atom. In this case you need to switch outputs in the app each time.

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what’s digital connection ? wireless ?

I use RCA on ND555 for my speaker system. I have a Din as well (it came with the ND554) but I never got a chance to use it because I don’t have Naim preamp and amp.

there’s no Din plug on Atom HE
I try to use RCA output on ND555 to connect to Atom HE in put , and I choose RCA on ND555 settings on app. but it didn’t work , it was still streaming form Atom HE.
I guess I need to go to input settings on AtomHE (Digital 1 ). and also go to ND555 output settings ( RCA output ). to make it work right ?

digital connection means digital 1 right ?

Yes, Digital 1 on the Atom HE. There’s only one digital out on the 555, no number.

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thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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using ND555 with Atom for my headphone now. :smiley::+1:

Is there a noticeable difference or not? Which way did you connect it up in the end?

I use RCA output from ND555 , to Atom HE RCA input, to my Utopia headphone.
I find the sound is bit smoother from ND555, but not a night and day difference.
I feel satisfied either from Atom or with ND555, both very musical , enough details and very focus.

@S.L thanks for your reply. Do you notice any degradation in SQ from the ND555 when played through speakers with it being linked to the Atom HP also?

I use the same RCA between ND555 to ATOM HE, and ND555 to mcinotsh amp for speakers.
so ND555 was never playing with my speaker and being linked to the Atom HE at the same time.

did I get your question right or no ?
I feel I might misunderstanding your question.

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