Question for Rega turntable owners

My friend owns a P6 with an Exact. He noticed that when he put the volume of his amp to maximum while no material is playing, one channel has a stronger noise (like a hum). When he shifted the interconnects of the P6 to the amp, the noisier channel shifted to the other side. But when he shifted the connection of the leads to the cartridge pins, the noisier channel did not move. This exercise shows that the issue is coming from the tonearm.

The noise is not audible while listening to music at normal listening levels. It is only noticeable when the volume knob is put to the maximum. This is also the case whether the turntable is turned ON or OFF.

We understand that Rega grounds it’s tonearms in only one channel rather than having a more traditional common ground wire. Could this be the reason for one channel being noisier?

We tried checking out another friend who owns a P3 with Exact. The same thing was observed. The variance in channel noise is only noticeable at maximum volume level.

I just tried and can’t hear a noticeable channel difference at max volume with P10, Apheta-3, and Superline (but I am generally very impressed by how silent the SL is). No idea, unfortunately, if your grounding hypothesis is plausible for cases where it happens.

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