Question for U.S. based Naim Owners

Wondering if fellow US naim owners that purchase their equipment through a local dealer typically pay up front first, before their order is sent in? My dealer, who is great, only has a few naim pieces, so if I want something he hasn’t got in the shop, which is always the case, I pay in full and then he places the order with the distributor.

I’m typically fine with this but given that I’m about to put a significant amount of coin down soon and in these uncertain times, it makes me wonder if others have the same concern. Not saying that I think I’ll get stiffed by my dealer, but curious regarding other folks experience when it comes to buying in the US. Not to mention that it’s extremely difficult to get a demo of something.

I paid in full, then waited almost 1 month for my item to arrive. The folks in the UK clearly have it made when it comes to demo’s.

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My experience has been substantial deposit (up to 50%) and remainder when picking up equipment after dealer receipt from distributor.

Honestly, I don’t recall. I’ve been using the same dealer for so many years that most transactions are primarily verbal or a deposit may be put on the credit card, which they could also use to charge the balance when the equipment arrives. However, often a portion will be paid for in cash - any “negotiable” portion due to trade-in or a demo piece.

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