Question for Vega 2.1 users

Vega 2.1. Nac282. Hicap. Nap 300DR.

Excuse my ignorance. Vega 2.1 users will be aware that there is a setting to pass the preamp function to the Vega offering more app controlled volume levels. I’ve been switching between that and letting the 282 do the preamp. In either case the signal passes through the 282. I’ve not noticed a discernible difference between the two. Certainly nothing worth losing the convenience of the volume control via the vega app.

My question is, would anyone here know whether the 282 is contributing anything to the sound signature when the Vega is handling preamp duty? I suspect it’s vega signature plus 282 I’m hearing.

Reason why it matters to me now is I’m considering upgrading to a used 252 and trying to gauge wether I’ll get the full benefit. As it will be used, a trial will be less likely via eBay or such.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Hercole. I have a Vega G2 which I’ve always used direct into active speakers, so cannot answer your question directly. But when you use the Vega directly into a power amp do you use the RCA or the balanced XLR outputs? I ask this because you only get the full benefits of the Vega’s inbuilt preamp, including the excellent class A Orfeo output modules with the latter. To my ears that makes a big difference and really shows what the Vega can do.

You’d need a specially made up cable as the 300 amp is not balanced but I’d be inclined to give it a go before making any change of system.

Also worth bearing in mind that many listeners reckon the New Classic 250 is better than the 300DR and this does have balanced inputs.


Hi Roger. Thanks for your message. I’m connecting into the Naim 282 preamp via Tellurium RCA cables. I’ll look into getting suitable xlr cables to go directly into the 300DR to see how it sounds. I hadn’t considered connecting straight into the 300.