Question on Muso remote

Hi guys, I currently own a QB1 and sometimes I’ve found that I just want to come into a room, pick up the remote and power on the unit and just play something, anything. Maybe resuming where a previous uPnP session left off, or an iRadio station.

Has anyone been able to use the remote for that? Sometimes I feel that having to open the naim app and tap a few things just to have “filler” music a bit of a hassle. I know I know, it sounds lazy… :slight_smile:

If I just want background music, I tend to use internet radio stations such as Radio Paradise. Set some iRadio presets up, and you can go straight to them.

I guess you mean add some favorite radio stations? Yup done that, so you can use the remote to power on, just press play and it’ll work?

remote options include buttons to choose input like internet radio and move between radio presets.

Once you have saved stations as favourites, you can access them direct from the app home page or remote.

Thanks guys, sounds like a remote will solve my needs, time to get one.

You can also use the touch controls on top of the Muso.

Fill a usb stick with your ‘favourites’ & select it & play :blush:

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