Question on Rega Saturn CD Player

Does anyone know the difference between the “CD Output” and the “DAC Output” at the back of the Rega Saturn R and Saturn MkIII?

CD output is to use the cd transport with a different Dac Dac output is to do the same for the other digital inputs, confusingly bypassing the Dac. I think

CD output bypasses the lionshare of the DAC stage(s), and as such will not give access to things like ‘Filter selection’ (or likely volume control etc)…

CD output (digital) would be the better output to your offboard DAC, unless you use this player like a switchbox and have a range of digtial equipment hooked up (in which case you would have to use the DAC (ie CO-AX / OPTICAL) OUTPUT outputs)

Use the CD (OPTICAL/CO-AX) OUTPUTS if you can, or the DAC outputs if it serves your needs’ better.

Dual (Wolfson) 8742 with the Rega design? You may even like the sound output by the player (analogue outputs); ‘try it you may like it’…

reviews seem to indicate player improves greatly with a little care given to power quality fed!

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