Questions about Muso

Hi guys, I’m new here.
I just got my new Mu so second generation and I’m planning to set it up this weekend.
My main interest is for music, my kids are in that age where they run around the house, play on the floor, etc, for that reason a couple of floor standing speakers , even when ideal, they are not possible for the next 4 or 5 years.
Mu so fits perfect in the furniture and in the room and it does looks nice!!
Since is going to be in a perfect position for my TV, the chance to use it as a sound bar is a plus, it is about 60% interest for music and 40% for TV ( as a sound bar)
My TV is a Samsung, not sure the model, I think is a Q something from 2020, but not sure. The point is that the HDMI port in the back for sound bars is an “eArc” and I have found a lot of complaints here about Muso and HDMI connections for a sound bar use.
Most of those post are from one or two years ago.
I was wondering if the problem has been solved with updates on the firmware??
Is there a solution for TVs with eArc ( most of the cases I have found are about Arc) ???
In case the issues are still out there and I’m going to face it in a couple of days… Is the optical audio cable a solution or is a lame choice compared to HDMI?? I don’t see any comments on optical input.
Thanks guys in advance.

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By all means try the hdmi connection, but if there are issues, you can use the optical input. Make sure the tv output is set to pcm stereo.


Having seen lots of comments about HDMI , I too would use the optical .

As Robert says make sure the TV output is stereo , there has been more than one user had compatibility issues that are easily resolved by selecting the correct output


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