Questions about the Atom HE JUST as a headphone Amp

Hi. I have a SN3 and an ND5XS2. I like them both and have no desire to change them.

However, I am getting the Focal Utopia which prompts questions.

Can I connect the Atom HE to my SN3 JUST as a headphone amp where the sources are connected to mg SN3?

If so, how would i do this?

Is the Atom HE as a headphone amp markedly better than the one in the SN3 if I am just using it as a headphone amp snd not using the other features?

Would’ve thought the SN3 would be good enough. Or maybe consider a top-quality seperate headphone amp if it’s really really important. Seems wasteful to buy an extra streamer built in and not use it.

Is it me or hasn’t this been asked by you before in this thread in various ways?

And answered?


And here.

I could not find the earlier post, sorry if I offended anyone.

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No offence taken at all - just pointing you to the original question. Hope you find a headphone amp solution, Atom HE or otherwise :+1:

Focal Utopia are top drawer headphones. The Atom HE is a uniti level product.
Both great products in their category but I suspect your headphones are capable of giving you much more than the atom is able to achieve

I think you could be wrong here. The Atom HE with Utopia is an excellent combo.


@cayorob can I use the built in amp from the SN3?

I’d bet the Utopias would sound great with the SN3…Perhaps the funds could improve the system in a different area?

No doubt they will sound amazing, I just imagine they would have more to offer and the source would be the limiting factor.

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