Questions: Adding my TT to my 282 system

I just recently upgraded from Supernait2 to a 282/250DR/SupercapDR, and are beginning to add in my vinyl gear.

I have a Fluance RT81 table, with Sumiko Blue Point Special EVO III moving magnet cartridge, Pro Ject Phono Box RS (see photo) with the DC powered power supply.

My question is the Project has a lot of adjustments on it, and yes I could experiment, it is there a site where members would have guidance for set up, in case this is not the place to find answers? I know I cannot use the XLR outs, which is fine with me. I really don’t want to spend more cash down the vinyl road, as I do not imagine using it that often, but want the option. Thanks in advance


I’m not sure what your question is. RCA to DIN or even RCA to RCA from the Pro-Ject to any line input on the 282 and you’re in business. No special considerations. It should just work.


Question is about settings on the Pro Ject for my MM cartridge

I have Chord interconnects from Pro Ject to 282

Oh… well the box for the Sumiko will tell you the settings. As does the Sumiko website.

The general rule is that the setting are really for matching the catridge to the phono stage, not matching the phono stage to the amplifier.

So how most handle this is set the paramters to match those documented for the cartridge. Have a listen. Then adjust them to see if you happen to prefer a slightly different configuration. The Sumiko’s are pretty rare on here. There’s probably only three of us that use them and I don’t think any use your BluePoint.

Is it the high or low output version? If high, then you’ll want to set the Pro-Ject to MM regardless of the fact the cartridge is MC.


Ah I was about to be smug and give you a one minute answer , but that is quite a phono stage you have bought yourself .

From memory - and I had to check it out, a MM cartridge usually is set to 47k ohms

That should be your starting point

Next Pro-Ject offer two settings

Hope this is useful, but I think it is set correctly I wouldn’t be inclined to experiment .

That is one helluva Phono Stage one of the best out there , I apologise for saying this , but I suspect you need at least one of ProJects higher range turntables or a Rega 3/6/8 with a good Moving Magnet cartridge . That box will easily support a serious LP12

best wishes and I hope you don’t mind my comment

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The OP has himself a serious MC. The deck is the odd one out.

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He does say MM , but anything from Sumiko is a serious bit of kit,

Edit : Checked it out, it’s a high output moving coil ,

Thanks all, the Sumiko is the high output version. My SCDR arrives next week. Will insert it, play my CDs, than insert l bits… hoping I can settle with my mis-matched items, we all know how that goes.

My boss has a record collection of over two thousand records in storage! For a few years we have been talking about me taking them over for him, selling off, keeping a few. Trying to get to that point where I will be ready to do so. The main thing is getting space in the garage to sort through!

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Interestingly, this TT has a switch for phono/line out, so that will get me started, also I found I have a Clear Audio Concept V2 MM cart as well to try out.

So if I were to treat myself to a vinyl upgrade, upon reading up on this site and a few others, keeping my phono box, going to a Rega 6 (or maybe an 8) with Hana SL.

Would like to have a really great MC cart and a really great MM cart. So hard because there are so many hundreds out there, thoughts welcome as can’t home test everything. Thx. Jd

You might consider getting Michael Fremers Turntable set up guide. Take a look on Amazon

Only hundreds? Thousands surely. Picking a cart is no easy task. Auditioning them without the same turntable and phono stage nigh on useless, and opinions vary greatly on what is a good match with what.

For example, Ortofon make great MM cartridges but most dealers would say they just don’t work well with Naim MM phono stages. But I’m positive there are users out there that disagree and like how they sound together.

If you have a deck with removable headshells, you can at least buy a few extra headshells and swap and test. You can then go back to the dealer and say, “I like Y better than X.” If they are experienced, that will give them a clue as to your sonic signature preference and can then recommend more serious cartridges (and serious doesn’t automatically mean MC) that follow what they think you’ll like.

But remember, while a cartridge is most important (first link in the chain after the record) it relies immensely on the deck to let it perform. A $50 cartridge on a $2000 deck sounds as good or better than a $1500 cartridge on a $500 deck. … Well assuming that price is an indication of quality and most of the time it is.

Given the near infinate combinations, it’s no wonder many people stick with the same one or two manufacturers for deck, cartridge, and phono stage. The amount of time and money to locate something else is daunting.

Personally, I like most Japanese decks with Sumiko catriges (Sumiko are American, made in Japan, and a division of McIntosh). The fact I won’t stray from that is more to do with hellish task of trying others than a personal recommentation.


Got great information from the folks at Pro Ject on how to dial in not only my EVO iii, but I also have a ClearAudio V2 pretty basic MM cart. Did A, B and C comparisons with my CD5, gotta say the CD5 is last in line…played the same song at the same spot, switch back and forth and the difference in sound (style/quality?) is obvious. I have ordered a Hana ML from a dealer here in CA. I know my deck is the weak link, but enjoying the hobby piece by piece.

Earlier was looking at pre-loved Luxman D-10 and CD555 with PS, but the CD upgrade is now a parallel path to the LPath

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