Questions on Naim Uniti Atom


I’m very much interested in the Naim Uniti Atom however had a couple of questions:

  • Has anyone had any experience of comparing this with the entry level Hegel H90. I considering going down a separates route (mainly for curiosity of playing around with components) with the Hegel and Primare’s new NP5 Prisma to do the network audio. However unsure if its really necessary as I can connect my phono stage and cd player to the Naim, which in essence is all I need. Nevertheless interested in the difference in sound.

  • Is the voltage switchable? I’m currently in a 110V zone, however if I moved to 240V zobe, it would be good to know I can take the Naim with me. I see mention of a different fuse on the rear of the system for the different zones, however is there more to it?


The voltage is not switchable, but AFAIK the transformer can be rewired by Naim (or a Naim approved servicer) to change the voltage (the fuse and labelling are also changed at the same time).

Note that AFAIK the Atom only has one analog input, so you’ll have to use the digital output of your cd player with the Atom.

I had both… to my ears, H90 was more on the cooler, analytical side of the spectrum. It has bigger ( wider ) soundstage compared to Atom and more headroom for higher volume. If you have efficient speakers which Atom won’t struggle to drive, I guess I would choose the Atom. It is more complete solution with great streaming capabilities, musical sound and fantastic build quality.

Thanks for that info.

Did you find any difference in instrument separation between the two?

I like the Naim, looks very smart and so much in one compact box, but ultimately it’d forgo looks for sound - did you feel the Hegel’s sound was better?

Thanks again.

Thanks. That’s good to know I should be able to take with me if needed.

Do you know roughly what kind of charges Naim charge for such things?

No, best to ask your local distributor for a quote.

It has been long time since I had the H90 so unfortunately I have no side by side comparison. Hegel might have more space between the instruments but I found the H90 cold, analytical to my ears with the speakers I had at the time. It has lean but fantastic grip to lows but highs was not as sweet and refined as I would have liked and eventually I sold it. Atom has rounder, warmer lows, narrower soundstage more forward sound and might get shouty more easily on high volumes specially if you have demanding speakers but it draws you into music the way H90 was not able to do. With different speakers etc, H90 might have better synergy but if I had a relevantly efficient bookshelf speakers like the Triangle BR03 or maybe Focals, I would go with the Atom. Hope this helps…

Hi Psan42,

Just to make you aware that while the transformers in the new Uniti range are rewirable, the s/w requires reconfiguration & currently this can only be done at Naim HQ.


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