Questions on uniti atom


I plan to buy a all-in-one compact amplifier, so I have interrest on the atom.
I want to replace my current NAD D7050 (small lack of ‘musicality’, no gapless flac, no spotiy connect, …)

My short list:

  • Naim Atom
  • Naim unitiqute v2
  • Nad M10
  • Bluesound powernode 2i
  • Sonos amp
  • rega brio + dac? + volumio(rpi)

I have some questions to help me decide. (no NAIM dealers here, so can’t heard it for real :frowning:)

  • Screen auto-off: is it possible to make hdmi/coax/spdif inputs auto turn off screen displays, and keep an always on display for spotify/tidal/upnp/radio … ?

  • How it sounds comparing to unitiqute 2 ?

  • Any idea of standy power comsumption ?

Atom is amazing!

I intended to audition an Atom but went Unitiqute 2 recently and really pleased with the sound. 45W pc into 4ohm Dynaudios, plus option of adding a NAP 100 for more ‘oompf’ later. Buying second hand Naim kit is fine due to owners looking after their prized possessions! Atom does give you better connectivity options though and looks great.

I had a demo of Atom vs NAD M10 and the Atom blew it away IMO… M10 probably more capable software wise, but sound was somewhat hollow and unengaging next to the Atom…


And look like 40W of Atom is more than 100W of M10!

The Atom when on song is great but I find it very moody or I am. Some days sublime others not and it seems to change every firmware update. It’s a bit fussy on sources to and not that good with bad recordings they can sound a little fatiguing. I wish it had another analogue in, one is not enough but other than that it covers everything and looks gorgeous and takes up little room. May well add a Poweramp to it one day to see if it improves things but not for some tine.

I think there are enough analog inputs. I don’t use either. CD player like transport via digital input. Still, Naim’s Dac is better than most others.

Nope, haven’t found a way yet. It’s easily toggled in the App, but not (yet?) per input.
Maybe open a feature request to Naim about this one?

Naim states in the data sheet:
Standby: <2W
Deep sleep: <0,5W

The (network-connected) standby value likely only applies, when no USB device is connected. (Which it is in my case; and the Atom does not switch over to the internal power-save power-supply but stays on the main one.)

Thanks for the answers.
Anybody knows if there is a user manual on the naim website ?
Only find the quick start guide…

After a lot of readings and questions, I reduced my short list to the atom and the new sonos amp.
I guess the atom will sound better, but I’m more confident in sonos software after sales service.

If you go to the bottom of the product web page, you’ll see a searchable Support tool. It’s not as good as the proper manuals Naim used to produce, but it does contain useful information.

What are theaudio differences between atom and atom with HDMI ? (don’t care about CEC)
Using my TV optical out (or hdmi extractor) will sound as good as using HDMI input right ?

Or maybe the atom deals with multi-channel when using the HDMI input (needs EDID supporting >2.0) and apply it’s own downmix (simulating phantom center channel maybe?)

Hi @mika91

The Atom/Star/Nova HDMI solution is quite an expensive solution as it’s a fully isolated electrically to avoid ground loops from tv to hifi. The HDMI chip is powered from an isolated dc to dc converter and all the comms is isolated as well. This gives all the benefits of an optical link to TV + volume control and standby/wakeup synchronisation.


Steve Harris
Software Director

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The HDMI is also “stereo only”; i.e. you “only” get a additional/new connector with CEC capability (volume control).

So I don’t need to pay extra bucks for this additional connector, thanks

I am a new owner of the Atom and I regret my purchase. Many reasons (the sound however is not one of them. Good sound for this price range). My issues are, In no particular order… poor Tidal integration, very poor manual and step by step instructions for a non computer geek like me, the App is weak compared to BluOS or Roon, or conductor App for example, and so many features I can’t access for lack of computer knowledge, can’t use a USB cable from a computer using conventional method, Playing a variety of artists in a particular genre is quite frustrating, etc.
Don’t listen to the reviews. This is NOT a plug and play device.

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I am a new owner too and I am very pleased with the Atom. Great sound and in my opinion it IS a plug and play device. It’s very easy to learn. I’m using TIDAL too with no problems. Also no problems with the app. I bought it just a couple of days ago. It sounds just like my old Thule Audio.

It doesn’t sound like the Atoms fault you can’t get the best out of it.

That said I like to think of myself as quite tech savvie…so found everything a doddle. And if you aren’t that way inclined…I can see how some things might be a challenge. On that note, if there is anything you wanted out of it, but can’t quite get your head around, there is a wealth of knowledge and friendly advice here to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask!!

The Atom is bang for buck, not matched. It is simply a stunning piece of engineering. I owned one for two years…loved it.

You could also try looking for a slightly used SuperUniti for about the same price, or even less. I tested it against the Atom and went for The SU.
I found the SQ better, but also more features that I actually wanted.
The Atom does have that colour screen, but it’s not utilised to it’s full potential in my opinion. So you end up paying for something that just ends up frustrating you. Or you just turn it off and not use it anyway.

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@mika91. Asking for SQ comparisons on this forum is like asking if pears are better than apples. Some folk will have bought an Atom and will tell you it blows the ‘XXX’ out of the water. Someone else will have chosen the XXX because it sounds “so much better“ than the Atom. I think people are often reluctant to admit how subjective are preferences in hifi. And it’s not just SQ. One poster finds the Atom hard to set up, another finds it easy. BTW if you do get a Naim box and encounter a problem, search the forum and someone is likely to have asked about it before. If not, post yourself and you’ll likely get lots of help.

FWIW I have had my Atom running for a few weeks now in my small office. I found it very easy to set up. However, I already had a Muso QB and, previously, a 272, so was familiar with the app and streaming. After 3 days in Corona quarantine I had the Atom and speakers streaming music from my NAS in minutes from unboxing. I also think it’s the best-looking box in Naim’s current lineup and looks great sitting on my desk. On SQ, it is excellent for my small room. Does it compete with the main setup in the lounge? Of course not, but that is 5 times more expensive.



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