Quick ND555 question - re optical input

Can anyone tell me - when looking at the input interface of the player (front screen)… which one is for the optical input?

Not sure i understand your question. At the rear of the nd555 there are two optical inputs, labelled digital 1 and digital 2. For example my tv is in digital 2…this is enabled in settings in the App and relabelled by myself as TV. This is then displayed as TV on front screen…i only have those inputs enabled that i use.
If you have all digital inputs enabled…optical would be displayed as digital 1 and 2 on front screen.

If the optical is below the BNCs then if like nDAC you press the selection again to toggle. Don’t have ND555 but not lusting for it either.


I got it working … it went to number one…it seems to hop to active inputs…if I use roon with the optical off - then it too goes to 1 … hmm I was hoping to manually assign and lock the inputs…via the app it does not seem possible. I am using latest firmware. I sure I locked it on the NDS.

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